Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Five!

My goal for Halloween weekend is to make it without eating ONE stinkin' piece of  candy. If I start, I never stop.  And on Tuesday, the whole pile goes to work with my hubby...  That's the plan anyway.

November Challenge... I just signed up for this "Pile on the Miles" Challenge that runs Nov. 1-24.  Concept is simple... encouragement to pile on the miles, not the pounds as we head into the holiday season.  Prizes every week!  Run Turkey Run!!  Check out Run Eat Repeat for more information and to sign up before Sunday, Oct. 30.

If you're one that likes the Challenge thing (obviously I do!), the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge, hosted by Run To The Finish takes you through the whole holiday season Nov. 19 - Jan. 6.  Work your bootie off and accrue points for different activities.  The list of prizes so far is unreal!  Check it out!

I'm kinda stressed out today and have a lot on my mind.  I'm really looking forward to pounding out my long run today.  Whenever I get deep in thought, my run is always strong (and fast).  It's a gorgeous sunny day... still cold, but by this afternoon, it'll be perfect for a run.  I'm looking for 10 miles, but it might be hard to stop me today...
(Indianapolis Half-Marathon next Saturday!)

It's Friday - Here's your Friday Race Salute to everyone racing this weekend!
You've done the training, now go out there and kick some asphalt!!  
Dorothy (Mile Posts) in the Marine Corps Marathon
Jamie (Running Diva Mom) in the Haunted Hustle Marathon
All my Sole Sisters running the Screaming Pumpkin tonight
Anyone else racing?  Leave a comment and I'll send my race waves your way!


  1. Last half of 2011 for me tomorrow. Kind of sad about it. Runaway Pumpkin here I come!

  2. Enjoy your long run. I already failed on the Halloween candy front. I've opened 4 different bags...oops!

  3. Thanks for the info for Pile on the Miles. I wasn't aware of this challeng. Will sign up today!

    Good luck with the candy!

  4. I signed up for both of those challenges too :)

  5. I was just eating a piece of halloween candy as I read this. NUTS!

  6. As I began reading this post...I hit #1 as I was devouring a reese pb cup and I laughed as I stared down at the pile of candy and chocolate bar wrappers next to me....I suck :P

  7. Oh yea, halloween candy won't stay here after oct 31st, if it does...hubby and I will eat it and that's NO GOOD!!!

    I'm off to run since I know I will not be able to turn down skittles if I see them in my kids buckets tomorrow :(


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