Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Biggest Loser Lesson #1

There are few TV shows that hold any kind of power over my weekly schedule... but NBC's Biggest Loser is one.  The stories inspire and remind me of a battle that was all too familiar.  The psychological complexities that accompany excess weight are very taxing on a person.  Breaking through to the other side can be a long journey of ups and downs.  We only see a snippet of the struggle on the Biggest Loser, but the contestants' stories always wrenches at my heart.

After years of watching the show, I was sad to see Jillian Michaels leave.  She made a great pairing (and contrast) with the show's anchor Bob Harper.  Let's face it... New trainers are always hit or miss... as we've seen with Kim Lyons, Brett Hoebel, Cara Castronuova and Anna Kournikova (sorry, but I'm already predicting she won't last beyond this season...) 

However, the newest addition of Dolvett Quince is a home run in my opinion.  He has a soft patience with the Biggest Loser contestants.  You can see him soak up their words and emotions.  His advice is solid and yet not overly cheesy.  And in the gym, he's a fierce trainer.  Just the type I'd want as a trainer myself.  And did I mention hot as hell?  Damn, that smile... those eyes... and the voice.  I almost peed my pants when Dolvett tweeted me back yesterday...

"When you begin to love your actions,
you begin to love yourself."
~Dolvett Quince
When you have so far to go, sometimes it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Change can be slow.  It's incredibly easy to get mad at your body and just give up.  We all have visions of what we want to look like... or goals of how fast we want to run.  But it may be defeating when that is our sole focus.  Instead, we should enjoy the activities that get us to the destination.  Enjoy every single run... Don't run just for a future PR, but for the moment in time that you have right now.

"The journey is the reward."

Without the fight, the hard work, and the endless hours of sweat, you will never truly appreciate the glory of the finish line.  And that's what made the marathon so special to me.


  1. Well ya know, now that we have Dolvett to look at...

    Thanks for the info on my Oiselle link. Went back and fixed it!

  2. I was going to blog that same quote from Dolvett! It really hit home with me last night and actually helped me push to finish my 5 miles on the treadmill instead of stoppoingat 3 like I wanted to.

  3. Great post! I can't stand Anna. I had to change the channel.

  4. first. you are famous getting tweeted by Dolvett!!! second. this is an awesome post. soooo true. love that last part you said...most things wouldnt have meaning if we didnt work for them!

  5. I completely AGREE!!! I don't like Anna either, she doesn't have what it takes. I think Dolvett will stay!!! I miss JIllian too
    :( My goodness, I love this show!

  6. Whoa - you are pretty much a famous person now! I'd print it off and frame it. :) That guy is hot. Hot hot hot.

  7. This is the first season I haven't watched in YEARS! It never is the same without Jillian.

  8. I completely agree about Anna, I just don't know if she will last past this season either, but Dolvett is amazing! I really like him! He is a force to be reckoned with AND not hard on the eyes either! lol

  9. i totally agree there is no way she will last...i mean she's a lovely person, but just isn't cutting it for me on the show

  10. I am new to your blog and am a fellow runner myself. I love meeting other runners and learning from their experiences! I am also a lover of all things biggest loser. I was pretty impressed with Dolvett. Unfortunately I feel like Anna is being held back by the older group. I think if she was with the younger group the inner trainer and athlete would come out more! I look forward to reading more from you!


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