Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Silver Lining

When I saw the quote below, I shouted aloud "Amen!"
Being on the DL is so much harder than running 26.2 in my book.

I feel a bit silly this week, almost bordering obsessive.  Unable to run this week, I've had several breakdown of tears. I've snapped at my husband a time or two.  The patience level with my children has been much lower than normal.  And I've totally gorged on crap food.

And because I always try to find the silver lining... 
This week I've caught up on the work front, tackled some lingering household projects, and even did a little yardwork.  Wasted time on Facebook has been minimal, simply because I can't stand to see all the "running posts" from my fitness friends.  My arms and core should be rock solid, since it's been the focus of my exercise this week.  And I'll be totally refreshed and eager to run again... once I can.

No pity... I'm walking close to normal now.  The calf muscle aches yet when I put pressure on it, but I'm holding out hope for a weekend run.  Today I plan to revisit the boxing bag hanging in my basement and really vent.

What was your last running injury?  How long were you out?  
And how did you deal?!?!


  1. my last injury that i took time off from was in march. it was so tough to deal with. i was diagnosed with a stress fracture in my foot but was able to run again in 4 weeks so a doctor i went to later seems to think it must have been a strain rather than fracture. regardless...that just added to my frustration that nobody really knew what it was. i pretty much obsessed over reading about running and working on strength training. hopefully you are close dear friend!!!

  2. I have a chronic problem with my knee that needs treatment every 6-12 months. Each time I need to take about 2 months off from running. Last time was in March/April. I've learned to find other ways to work out and keep my sanity. :-)

  3. I saw that quote today in the RW "quote of the day" email. Love it! (It makes me feel less like a crazy person for being bent out of shape when I can't run.)

    I walk, hike, cycle, do yoga when I can't run... I get cranky when I don't get to move in way or another. If that fails, I turn to music (crank up my fav songs as loud as I can), chocolate, and chick-lit.

    I wish you a speedy recovery!!!

  4. I'm currently out for my femoral stress fx, and I know how tough it is to sit on the sidelines. I love cheering on my buds almost more than anything, but I'm ready to run again. I'm on week 8 of no running - hopefully I'll be back soon. :)

  5. Well I am hurt right now! I refuse to go to the DR for fear he will put me in a boot and I am 8 weeks until my next half. I am taking a week of and then going to see how it feels next week. If it still hurts I will go to the dr.

  6. plantar fasciitis...2 weeks. It was tough, but just know your resting now can actually help you come back faster! Hope it's soon!

    In other news, I'm running and still kinda cranky. lol.

  7. I hate injuries. I had a hip injury in the spring that kept me from running at the speed I wanted. Also, it kept me from distance running. It is no fun! Hope you are back at it soon! :)

  8. I just had some sort of shin pain in the right leg, luckily it felt better after resting a week, using anti inflammatories and then easing back into running. I hope your calf feels better soon! I don't deal well with not running!

  9. I haven't really BEEN injured yet. But, if I dont' get serious about cross training and stretching... it is only a matter of time. You'll be fixed up soon and good job focusing on other things to maintain fitness. Woot.

  10. I'm so sorry to hear about your injury! Take it easy and you will back to new very soon!

  11. At least you can strength train and so be happy for that. The last time I had to take time off it was for 8 weeks and I wasn't allowed to bend over or lift more than 10 pounds most of that time as well...

    Someone is always worse off than we are!

    Yes, do find the silver lining and before you know it, you will be hitting the pavement again.

    Cheers! :)

  12. Oh Jess... I'm so sorry this is going on, I really am... I was sidelined by injury for (sit back) 3 years... going from doctor to doctor, spending all my money to hear, in the end, that it was all in may imagination. I was devastated. When I gave hope up I came across a doc that fixed the problem in no time. He looked for the problem and found it, guess he loved his job and knew what he was doing.
    Coping... well... I took it badly at the beginning and it went on for so long that I had my 3rd child within that time but before I had already gained like 35lbs and then a few more after baby was born.
    But, here's the good part... with time, I learnt to deal with it and found positive (yes, amazing but I did) stuff about it. Whenever I have an ache or pain now I try to see a bright side of it. If pain allows, I'll go swimming/biking, if it doesn't, I enjoy a few days off. Still, I have to figure out how to "substitute" that run into something that helps me but I'm slowly learning.
    Have you seen a doc about your ache/pain?
    I know it is hard now but I'm sure you'll be back on your feet in no time... it's not nice while you're at it but your next run will "taste" so much better after this little break!
    Hang in there sweetie. You'll soon have your running shoes on and will burn the pavement!!!!

  13. Aw man, running injuries are the worst!! I fell off my front porch steps (not running) and pulled a muscle and couldn't run for weeks! That was 2 years ago. The elliptical became my best friend. Hope you heal fast!!


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