Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Boom Boom Pow!

I'm totally off kilter today.  I did my long run on Sun instead of Sat, thus replaced Monday's cross-train with a rest day (I needed it - I was a bit sore after the hilly 10 miler on Sunday!).  So here it is Tuesday - and I'm back on the schedule and attacking Intervals on Day 16 of the FIRST training plan.
Warmup/Cooldown:  10 minute each at easy pace
Intervals:  6 x 800 (1/2 mile each)
Goal:  8:30 pace or  7.1 mph on treadmill
Rest Intervals (RI):  90 seconds between 800's

I didn't mind the 800 when thrown in the ladder intervals last week, but today they were just H.A.R.D.  No butts about it.  I held the pace during the first three intervals, but backed it down to 7mph on the last three.  I didn't eat well yesterday, a bit dehydrated today, and legs still feel tired.  So I'm racking it up to that and hope the rest of the week goes better.
TOTAL: 6 miles

NEW APP -  The iPhone4 is my new toy, and Verizon has finally got mine working correctly (actually they finally just gave me a new one today... but that's a whole other story that you don't want to get me started on.)  As I play around and test out new apps, I'll give you the skinny here... Today I tried out Nike Boom during my intervals (free download).  Concept is that it's suppose to add a boost to your workout by syncing your music to workouts and having elite athletes/coaches motivating you along the way. So I selected the sport of Cross-Training, then Intervals and set it up accordingly to today's workout and goals.

LIKES:  A whistle blows through your music when it's time to start/finish your interval reminding me of the old high school track days.  This was a bit freeing as I didn't have my eyes constantly glued to the treadmill readings.  If you let it, the app will post to Facebook when you start, and friends can "like" your post, which sends you cheers over your headphones.  I had 6 friends cheer me on during my run, so that was kinda cool!  The workout went by quickly - I probably give myself longer rests normally, but this kept me moving.  The app also has a lock setting so you don't hit the screen accidentally.
DISLIKES: The coaches/athletes that give you "motivational talks" during the run are so low in volume (compared to your music) that you can hardly hear them, making it pointless and a little irritating.  The app also seems to be targeted more towards men - specifically athletes who play football, baseball, hockey, etc...

I'm still getting used to running with the iPhone, and how exactly to carry it.  I miss the small size of my Nano and how easily it clipped onto my sports bra.  I'm not a fan of things around my waist or the arm bands.  On outside runs, it works fine to just slip into a pocket.  Today I tried holding it - but my hands get sweaty and that makes the iPhone a slippery little sucker to hang onto.  I tried putting in on the treadmill dash, but the headphones cord was swinging all over the place that my hands catch it too often. Any other suggestions?


  1. Great job! That is a tough one with the iPhone... have you tried one of the sport armbands that they sell for them? That is the only thing I can really think of. If your treadmill has speakers you can plug the iPhone into that as well, but if not, the armband might be the way to go. :)

  2. I understand with the binding things...I love my garmin and you can find them pretty cheap now....nice work on your intervals!!!!!

  3. I had a shuffle that clipped on my pants. But one day I lost it. Because like you I dont like to have anything on my arms. Than I got a nano with a armband I dont even notice it is there anymore. Also I bought some earphones that had a clip on them so you could clip the cord to my clothes. I love it. Could you use a safety pin someway to hold the cord just a thought. I got it DUCT TAPE you can use that for anything. Just joking I do love my duct tape tho

  4. 800s are never fun for me. Doing 6x800 is tough! Nice job getting it done. Cool app too!

  5. That app sounds similar to the nike + app. It does the same thing and cheers you on when people "like" or comment on fb. I have an iphone, too and used to swat the cord when it was in the holder, sometimes so hard that the phone would go flying! I got a cheapo armband on amazon, and that works really good. Nice job on the intervals :)


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