Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snow Bunny

I am a wuss.  I have two rules for running...
1.  I do not run in temps under 30˚.
2.  I do not run in snow.
Today I broke through to the other side, and did both.  I am now officially a snow bunny kind of runner.  I stared at the treadmill this morning, and just couldn't picture another 10 miles on that thing this week.  So bundled up I went to the Rock Island Trail for this week's long run.

Mile 1 - Wow, it's kinda cold out here.  28˚ at start.
Mile 2 - Look at me, running through the snow!
Mile 3 - It's really pretty out here.

Mile 4 - Okay, I'm getting the hang of this. Feeling good.
Mile 5 - Huh, I haven't seen one person out on the trail yet. Probably shouldn't be running out here alone.  Mental note to put a mace spray into my jacket pocket next time.
Mile 6 - O'crap!  Totally missed my turnaround at mile 5... guess we're going 12 today.
Mile 7 - I really stink at snot rockets.  Need to wash these gloves when I get back.
Mile 8 - Someone's doing laundry.  I like that smell.  Reminds me of spring for some reason.
Mile 9 - I am so hungry right now.  That Strawberry-Banana GU was good, but not enough for lunch.

Mile 10 - I'm suppose to be done right now, but glad I'm doing extra.  I have totally earned that steak dinner and wine tonight with the hubby.
Mile 11 - Wet socks and shoes make for really heavy feet.  I literally look down to make sure I'm not dragging anything.
Mile 12 - I feel every single step in my calves, knees, quads, glutes and even my core, but a techno pumpin' song won't let my legs quit until the iPhone chimes in "Congratulations, you're reached 12 miles, two miles past your goal."

I'm cold.  wet.  hungry.  But I just ran 12 miles through the snow... for FUN!  Yeah, I'm awesome!  

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  1. That is an AWESOME RUN!! 2 miles past goal ,too!!! Fantastic!

    Enjoy that dinner tonight

  2. That a girl Jess. Way to over come running outside in the snow and below 30. The pictures you took are so pretty.

  3. your awesome, outside isn't so bad huh

  4. YOu.ARE.awesome!
    When it snowed here I only made it 2.74 miles. Talk about being a wuss. But let it be known that I was also coming down with a lovely case of bronchitis. Oops.
    #7... I say that every long run! lol
    Good job today!

  5. That is awesome! Congrats on the 12 miles. I hate running in the cold also.

  6. Ok, you totally inspired me! What a great run - beautiful scenery! I learned a tip this winter from Anne @ Asthma & the Gift of Running: When you run in snow, put plastic bags on your feet (over socks, inside shoes) to stay dry. I have yet to try it, maybe this week? We have snow predicted for the second week in a row. Crazy for Seattle!

  7. Yeah Jess!!! What a pretty trail--and you went 2 miles over your goal--awesome!!!!


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