Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Interval this!

Runner's World Run Less, Run Faster: Become a Faster, Stronger Runner with the Revolutionary FIRST Training ProgramSo it's week four - day 23 - on the training program
from "Run Less, Run Faster" and I gotta confess...

I hate. hate. really hate.
these intervals! 

On the agenda today was 3x1600.  I came up short and am so frustrated with myself.  I literally sat down on the treadmill and spilled tears after my seven miles were complete.  I know... seems silly, but I feel in a rut right now (both weight-loss and the training).  So here's how it went down this afternoon on the basement treadmill....

2 mile warmup @ 5.5-5.8 mph
2 x 1600 (1 mile) @ 8:41 pace or 6.9mph
Just couldn't finish the 3rd interval so instead...  2 x 800 @ 8:41 pace
Rest intervals were more like 2 minutes each instead of 90 sec.
1.5 mile cool down
TOTAL: 7 miles in 71 minutes
50 situps, 50 tricep extensions and 35 kickbacks

Time to relax this evening and watch my favorite TV show, The Biggest Loser.  I need whatever motivation Bob, Jillian, Kara and Brett have in store for me tonight.  In my own way of trying to put a positive spin on my difficult run this afternoon, I leave you with these quotes...

"An obstacle is often a stepping stone."  

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.
The most certain way to succeed is always
to try just one more time." ~Thomas Edison


  1. Jess, Dont beat yourselve up. You did great. I thought I would try the RLRF, but I ended up having a injury, had to stop doing it. I decided it ok to go slow and steay and cross the finish line. I am never going to be the fast girl. Thats OK. You are giving all you got that all you can do. Hang in there girl. You are ROCKING IT.

  2. Jess, I agree with Penny! I am so jealous your are still able to attempt the RLRF program. Me and my 3 @ 11 minute miles salute you!

  3. I agree, don't go beatin' yourself up! You RAN!! I always say I have a love/hate relationship with intervals, but it is mostly hate.

  4. That is such a great workout!!!! Keep up the great work! :)

  5. Hugs! I am sorry it was a rough workout. You still did a great job. and just think how great it will feel when you "conquer" that workout. You can do it! :)

    Enjoy biggest loser tonight. That is what we will be watching too!

  6. Oh Jess! I wish I could sit on the sofa with you tonight & watch BL. I TOTALLY FEEL YOUR PAIN! I just killed myself on those 6x800m repeats and feel like hell. Normally I love intervals but I take it all back! ACK! YOu know, I did them on a treadmill too and I can't help but wonder if that's part of the problem. No matter what, you're going to overheat when you run with that kind of intensity indoors. I've never felt this bad after running on a track :( And oh my RI's were L O N G.
    Aside from all the pain, I think it's so great that you still completed the workout by breaking up you last 1600 into 2x800. SO GREAT. Way to hang in there and get the miles and speed in.

    I just want to cool myself off with a pint of ice cream, roll on my foam roller, and watch BL...

  7. Jess believe me it'll all be fine! I know they're so hard but even if you don't quite hit the numbers, like I told Alma, your body will make TREMENDOUS progress and you'll see huge benefits!!!
    It totally changed the way I ran.
    Don't give up--you're doing awesome!


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