Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spin Cycle

I will not deviate from training schedule again.  
I promise.  
Okay... I hope.
Moving that long run this weekend really has me off my game.  Day 17 is cross-training, so back to Spinning class I went.  Even after a good night's sleep, hearty oatmeal breakfast and an Emergen-C boost, I was still feeling weak this morning.  My spin instructor made up a new ride, and it was challenging.  I literally needed a mop to clean up the sweat puddle from under my bike!  O' but alas, I made it through and feel better for it.  Afterward, I followed it up with a 30 minute weight circuit, that I must admit felt better than previous weeks.

Our local morning news did a report on Spinning last week, and used my Spin class as guinea pigs. Take a look at the video HERE.  You can see me a couple times in the coral/orange tank top!

Up Next (Thursday):  TEMPO RUN - 2 mile warmup, 3 miles short-tempo at 9:18 pace (approx. 6.4mph on the treadmill), followed by a 1 mile cooldown.  I have to admit when I did this tempo two weeks ago, I was scared sh*tless of 3 miles at 6.4mph... Now, not so much.  I think they call that IMPROVEMENT!  Big smiles.

New Boston Standards!  Boston announces new qualifying times and registration process HERE.  This will never affect me since a 3:40 marathon will never be within my reality anyway.  However, it is still exciting for the running world in general.  With the rampant increase of "recreational runners," the Boston Marathon is filling up faster and faster each year.  Last October, the 2011 event was filled in just eight hours!

RLAM Sequel?!?!  That's right... The infamous Dimity and Sarah announced today a follow-up to their smash book "Run Like A Mother".  Can you hear me just squealing with delight?!?!  Their first book is like my bible on how to integrate the roles of mom, wife, career, friend and runner into one woman... and not go crazy!!  Titled "Train Like A Mother," the new book will comprehensively focus on how to train for a race and cover the importance of strength training and injury prevention, but with the same wit and tone as their first book. (From Publisher's Weekly)

Weight Loss!  It's not worldly news or anything, but at my weigh-in this week, I lost another 2 pounds!!  That is pretty much short of a miracle considering the crap I ate week I've had.


  1. Nice job spinning when you weren't feeling it. You will crust your tempo run tomorrow!

  2. Way to get it done on your spinning class. Congrats on 2 more pounds. Keep it up.


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