Sunday, February 13, 2011

Outside in Feb!

Under Armour is my favorite go-to bras for long runs.  
Day 14: Two weeks into the "Run Less, Run Faster" training plan, and as they would say at McD's... I'm lovin' it!  I saved my long run for today since our Sunday forecast is sunny and 45 degrees!  That's WARM for Illinois in February.  Unfortunately I couldn't wait until the high temps of the afternoon, but the morning was still a balmy 35˚ when I headed out for my 10 miler.

My new iPhone4 with the Nike+GPS app.  Thanks hubby!
I started out dressed in four layers (Under Armour sports bra, tank top, Columbia long-sleeve hoody and a thin jacket over top), accessorized with my Wisconsin Badgers headband (What a WIN yesterday over #1 OSU!).  Today I tested out the Nike+GPS app for the first time.  O-Yes... goodbye and good riddance to the unreliable, inaccurate shoe chip.  I have stepped up to the world of GPS now!  Special thanks to my hubby who gifted the iPhone4  to me for Valentine's Day.

Since snow/ice/puddles/mud are still roadside issues here, I stuck to my neighborhood 5-mile loop, where I knew the traffic would be light.  After mile 4, I remembered just how hilly this route was, reminding me to add some hill workouts into my training schedule (only thing I see missing in the FIRST program thus far).  As I finished the first loop, I refueled with a sample Clif Bar that I picked up at my last race expo, and grabbed my new water bottle that I won from the fabulous ladies at Run Like A Mother.  

My Quickie (unpaid) Reviews...  GOLITE HYDROCLUTCH WATER BOTTLE: Awesome!!  I'm a gal who hates stuff wrapped around my waist, so this is a great alternative to the fuel belts.  It was easy to hold while running, and had a great zipper pocket in the wrap to hold a gel or key.   CLIF BAR: Did the job I guess, but I'll stick with the GU gels.  The Clif Bar had okay flavor, but I found it rather pasty in my mouth.  I'd rather toss down a quick gel than have to chew through that again.

By mile 7, my right glut started to ache from the hills.  Reluctantly, my pace slowed.  However, by mile 8.5 with the end in-sight, I picked it up like a horse on the way back to the barn.  At mile 9, a good-looking neighbor flagged me down, wondering just how far I was running since he's seen me twice in the last hour.  "If you run by again, I'll have to stop you and invite you in for coffee," he says.  Hmmmm, maybe I can go 15?  Ha-ha, Nah!
TOTAL: 10.1 miles in 1 hour, 45 minutes (10:23 pace).  A little disappointed with the pace, but considering the hillwork and snow-stepping, I'll take it!!

Winter in Illinois makes for rather ugly scenery, but I got to test out the camera on the iPhone while running.

Best of all, I came home to find a clean and quiet house.  For a second I thought I walked into the wrong house, but then I found two beautiful girls and one handsome daddy playing a game of Princess dominos.  Could a run end any better?!?!
The playlist that got me through 10 miles... "Run Mix #3" on shuffle (click on it to enlarge)


  1. Nice run Jess! I think hills are a factor and there should be some formula to adjust a goal time when you run them!

  2. Great run!
    I did my first 10 miler on Friday. But where I live hills are a part of every run and I am always slow. lol

  3. Great job on your 10 miler. I'm with you I prefer my GU gel to on my long run. Put swell water bottle to. Keep up the good work. You are doing great.

  4. I love the Nike+ GPS app! Great job on your 10 miler and what a sweet return!

  5. My newt half is only a week before yours and I am no where NEAR the mileage you've got under your belt. And That is a great time considering the weather. How do you like your iPhone for running? I am on the fence on to get one - I have a Nano and LOVE my Nike+

  6. Nice run! :) It's warm here in Minnesota, too--it's going to be in the 40's today!! :D
    That is an awesome playlist, too!

  7. I love golite (hosting a golite giveaway right now, check it out)

    great job on the run!

  8. I love WEEZER! especially Island in the Sun!

    Keep running those hills and one day you'll come across a flat race and CRUSH IT.


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