Thursday, February 17, 2011

Girly Girl

Sometimes a girl just needs some old fashion pampering to pull herself out of a funk.
So that's just what I did.

It was just me and the little girlies yesterday, so we did what girls do best...  SHOPPING!  I picked up this cool new tank top in hot pink/black, and I gotta gush... what a deal for only $10!!  Moisture-wicking material, super-soft, with a thin built-in bra.  The girls scored some new shoes, and I grabbed an arm band carrier for my new iPhone... let's see how this works?!
I love shopping for new running gear!

We wrapped up the evening with pedicures for all of us.  Oh, how I love to run on fresh feet!!

Pretty feet are just more fun to run with, don't ya think?!

The evening ended perfectly with an hour in bed of reading before a good night's sleep.... which brings me to this morning.  I felt fresh, ready and excited to tackle my tempo run.  After a sluggish couple days, I was ready to spring out of it.

So down to the basement we went.  With a double episode of Dora the Explorer and a bag full of animal crackers, I managed to get an hour of uninterrupted time on the treadmill.

2 mile warmup at 5.5-5.8 mph (roughly 10:30 pace)
3 mile TEMPO at 6.4-6.5 mph (9:14-9:22 pace)
1 mile cooldown at 5.5 mph
TOTAL:  6 miles in 60:11
Whew, that felt great!! 

Up Next (Friday): Rest/Yoga  (Saturday): Long Run 10 miles.  We're taking the kiddos on a little weekend vacation to an indoor waterpark, so I'm kindy giddy that I get to run somewhere new.  Weather forecast is good, so I'm looking forward to getting some miles across the border in Iowa.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Yay for shopping and for the great run! That has to get you out of the funk. The tank looks super cute and I hope that armband works well for you. :)

  2. I like your new tank, very cute. Have fun this weekend (on your long run, I am jealous) at the water park!

  3. I love the pedis--too cute! Good score on the tank top, too--where did you find it?
    Great job on the tempo run! :)
    Have fun on your getaway! We're taking one, too--down to the Twin Cities to see friends and go to a hockey game. Should be fun!

  4. Great tempo run. Love the new pink/black workout shirt. Pink is one of my favorite colors. All the feet looked great. So jealous I need one myself so bad. Have a great wkend.

  5. So great how you mix it up: running, shopping, pedicures, reading, water park, and time with your family. Seems like a good recipe for a happy life.


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