Monday, February 21, 2011

Dog-gone Monday

It's just the kind of day I'm having.

Alright, they don't exactly look like this,
but it's all I see when one is hot on my trail!! 
I woke up around 5:30am to the sounds of snoring, which is uncommon... not the snoring, but hubby still in bed.  It's President's Day, so we get him home all day.  Since I can't fall back asleep, I decide to sneak out for a little run.  Temp reads 37˚, little wind, o-yeah... we're good to go!  I hit a quick 5K route around the neighborhood, and despite the misty rain that began shortly after the start, it was a nice run to start my day.

Wait... what stinks?!  Oh-crap!  Exactly. Dog crap to be exact.  Back inside the house, I notice huge mushy chunks stuck to the bottom of my shoe.  ugh.  I swear, if the neighbor dogs aren't on the loose chasing after me, their sh*t is still there to get me.  Something about me and dogs.  We just don't mesh.

The crap didn't stop there.  Within the next hour, Little Girl wet the bed (our bed, she crawled in with daddy after I left), and I spilled coffee all over myself during preschool drop (good cup, wrong lid!).  Needless to say when I arrived at Spin class, I was rearing to GO!  After a spinning sweat-fest, two more miles on the track and a 15 minute session on the Endless Rope machine... I'm ready to face the day (again).  Happy Monday y'all!
TOTAL:  5+ miles and 65 minutes of cross-train

Up Next (Tuesday):  INTERVALS - 3x1600 at 8:45 pace with 90 second intervals.  Ick.  I think I'd rather go back and do those 12x400's.

The weight is not coming off as planned.  Believe me, I know why... too much of the wrong food!  So I've downloaded the FitnessPal app onto my iPhone.  Back to counting calories.  How do you manage the food intake to reach your ideal weight?!


  1. I love your blog, here!

    Weight management is tricky. I am not sure of the best route for everyone, but when I am trying to lose calories, I try to cut the empty ones first: ie sugar, alcohol, coffee goodies, etc...and carbs. The first preference for me is to run before cutting calories. I was surprised that in an hour and a half of cycling I only burned about 1/3 of the calories I do running.

  2. Way to overcome the start of what could have been a very bad day.

    As for counting calories - I have a Bodybugg and use that software. It is the only think that keeps the scale moving the right direction for me.

  3. It appears you may have done 3-4 of your RLRF workouts today! Sorry it was a rough one, I am jealous of your track workout tomorrow. I'm hoping to run to the track, without pain, stare longingly at it and run home.

  4. Great job with the running and the spinning!!
    I used to be a dog lover until I started running. Now I carry HALT dog spray because I have been chased too many times and bit once. I haven't used it yet but I won't hesitate if I need to. Sorry it was a rotten, messy monday!

    I just wrote on my blog today about how I eat to manage weight.

    Hope your Tuesday is better!!!

  5. Love the blog check mine out please!

  6. I'm on spark people these days, counting every single calorie... with my reduced running, the weight is just STUCK IN PLACE.

    By the way, since I'm injured and have copious amounts of reading time (well, not really) I bought Run Less/RF ... 20 pages into the book.... and I totally want to try it out. Absolutely ~ that Marathon training plan is FREAKING AWESOME looking, and I love to run "fast" (it's all relative) so those brutal looking pace zones look UBER attractive.

  7. CRAP! Just had to say it. Don't get me started on the topic of dogs on the loose....

  8. Counting calories is tedious ... you may lose a few just doing it. But it's really understanding the portions that are key.

    Good luck grasshopper.


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