Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rest baby

I spent my Friday rest day the same way any young mother would (wait a second, did I just called myself young?!  Bahahaha!)   The morning started with coffee on the couch, cartoons with the girlies, and then off to the gym we went.  No-no, not my gym... but the the open gym for kids.  It was their turn to run!  After three days inside from Blizzard 2011, they had energy just steaming off the top of them.  The girls too are excited for an upcoming race... the Leprechaun Leap Kids Dash (March 20 in Chicago).  Big Girl says "I gotta start my training!"  So they ran a couple laps around the gym as fast as they could... and then straight for the toys.

I finished off Day 5 with a giant pizza and salad (for good measure!) with the hubby and girls.  And I stole a cutout cookie from the Valentine batch too.  Double Crap!  I'm feeling so guilty about the diet slip, so adding an extra mile or two onto the run this morning to make up for it.  Either way, my rest day was a success!  I did very little of anything, which now has me pretty darn excited to head to the gym this morning to complete the long run!  Woo-Hoo!

Super Bowl weekend... Did I mention I bleed green & gold?!?!  Go Pack Go!

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