Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mail Call

I love getting goodies in the mail (even if I did pay for them!).  Something about a package that gets all of us excited... as soon as we see it coming to the door, the kids and I (hubby too when he's home) run to the door to meet the delivery guy... Who is it for?!

Yesterday, my clearance score from RunningSkirts came... this navy/aqua running skirt (with built-in compression shorts) for under $25.  Now to find a matching top and give it a test run!  Actually, I wore it around the house most of the day yesterday... super comfy material and oh-so cute!

Then I received this cool 2011 Calendar from U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services.  Not sure where I signed up for it, but it's chalk full of useful information on everything from illness prevention/treatment to in-depth diagrams of the female body.  Even a page of fun stickers to mark your calendar with events.  (Hey, even mommies like stickers!)

Last weekend when we were at the hotel, I got sucked into an infomercial for Turbo-Fire. Frustrated with my weight-loss, they had me hooked and I bought it.  The box came today.  I can't deny... I'm super excited to try the Turbo-Fire DVD Series.  I've always liked Charlene Johnson as a cardio instructor.  And I actually needed the resistance bands and tape measure.  But in all seriousness, where am I going to fit this into the schedule?!  Check out the program HERE, but I'm warning you, hide the phone/credit card first!

To top off the day's excitement, my People magazine arrived too (Shameless I know, but I'm a total addict to this publication!)

Another package sits here begging me to open it, but it has Hubby's name on it... Hmmmm, do I or don't I??  hee, hee... What's in your mailbox today??  Anything fun?


  1. I LOVE getting stuff in the mail. I really have to be careful with online shopping.

    Yesterday, I got a purse and some earrings I won, and I'm expecting a book I won. Love blogs! Then, I have some STICKERS coming. Woohoo!

  2. I love fun mail days! Today the box was empty which is pretty dang fun!! But the UPS guy did bring my foam roller today!! Can't wait to use it later.

  3. Love getting packages in the mail. I love Charlene. I have all of her TURBO JAM DVD. All of the DVD are great.


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