Thursday, February 10, 2011

Run off the Stress

Yesterday I hit my Spinning class to fulfill my cross-training for Day 10 of the Furman FIRST program.  Unfortunately, I had a very long mommy/wife list to complete, so I had to cut my workout short with no strength training.  Days like this get me so stressed when I feel cramped on time.... and when I'm stressed, I eat.  So count four cupcakes and numerous chocolates down the hatch.  Argh!

This morning (Day 11), the last thing I wanted to do was go to the gym.  Despite a funky mood, out-of-town company, and numerous errands to run... I eventually got there.  Even as I laced up the sneakers, I was reaching for an excuse not to run.  Never the less, I made it on the track for a one mile warmup, and then hit the treadmill for my 5 mile TEMPO run.  As I started, I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable the 9:30 pace felt.  By mile 3, I'll admit I was wishing it over... and yet by mile 4, I was feeling good and cranked the pace up to a 9:18.  After a strong finish and cooldown, I realized a good hard run was just what I needed melt away the stress that had me in a funk.
TOTAL:  6.5 miles

Endless Rope
I've been eying the Endless Rope machine in my gym for quite awhile now.  Today the gym was fairly slow, so I jumped on and gave it a good 10 minutes.  Wow, that thing is hard!  Since I missed yesterday, I burned through the FIRST strength exercises:  Standing wall slide, Single leg squat, Walking lunge, Calf raise, Stability ball pushups, Single arm row and an additional 50 stomach crunches for my muffin top!

Up Next (Friday): Rest/Yoga   (Saturday): Long Run - scheduled for 8 miles, but going for 10 miles at a 9:52 pace.


  1. I have never seen one of those rope machines. Looks interesting!

  2. Sounds like you're making good progress! I've never heard of the rope thing either.

  3. Great job on yor tempo--I did mine today and was a sweat monster afterwards!!!

  4. I always find that a good run makes life feel better in so many ways and definitely gets rid of stress. :)

    I have never tried one of the rope machines. Looks tough!!


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