Thursday, March 10, 2011


I chafe. 
I chafe so bad that I've been know to scream out in the shower.  You know when that cold water hits the spot for the first time... OUCH!!  Are you thinking TMI?  Leave now, it gets worse... All is fair topic amongst runners, right?!

All super heroes wear Spandex, right?!
When I first started running (+50 lbs ago!), my inner thighs got it every single time I ran.  No exception.  It really made this new sport of running fun... And then I found compression shorts.  All Hail the Spandex!  Someday my inner thighs will not touch and it will all be good.

Next came the sports bra lines.  Talk about some sore girlies!  So I tossed the cheap $10 cotton sports bras from the '90's, and invested in some quality moisture-wicking ones.  Even at that, when I get over the 10 mile mark, I have to lube up the girls beforehand, or I'll come back with painful red marks.  My pricey Under Armour sports bras are now my go-to for the long runs.

Finally, the underarms.  Again I replaced the cheap cotton tanks for moisture-wicking material that pulls perspiration away from my body.  It helped temporarily.  Then I started losing weight, and there was suddenly extra material in the underarm area as my tops became more and more loose.  When you're overweight, loose fitting shirts are just more comfortable (on the ego).  Unfortunately, they also accelerate chafing.  Do I have to... snug fitting clothing?  You betcha!

I work hard, thus I sweat hard.  Naturally, I decided to just double-up on the deodarant.  After some research, I found that makes it worse!  You should stick to talcum powder, cornstarch or potato starch to stay dry... or just lube up and problem solved.  Lubricants allow the skin to slide rather than rubbing raw.  There are lots of fancy ointments and creams out there, but my budget right now is good ole fashion petroleum jelly.  It can also be used on feet and toes to avoid blisters.  
I'm anxious to try out the 2Toms product sample on the way (review and giveaway to come!).  They have a contest in-progress right now to win a year's supply of products... Have I made it perfectly clear that I NEED that yet?!?!  So help a gal out... Like the 2Toms facebook page, then scroll down a bit and find my wall post (Jessica Wucki McMullin) and please, pretty pretty please, click like under my post!  Got chafing problems yourself? Enter the contest.

After all that, I'm off to a long-tempo run.  Hopefully chafe-free today.

Are you a fellow chafer?!
What's your favorite product and/or prevention method?

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  1. You are hilarious!

    BODYGLIDE for women! It is pretty good- a little sticky but seemed to work well!

  2. Good luck Jess, I like on 2TOM and your post. I know what you mean I wear spandex shorts just so my thighs dont get chaffed. Hey Jess if you would like one of my bumper stickers I would be glad to send you one. Just email me with your address.

  3. Good luck! I headed over and gave you a like :) Thankfully I have not experinced any chaffing....but I am still havn't reached a double digit run. We will see what happens.

  4. It's all about the body glide! :-)
    I actually don't chafe that bad, but the more I sweat the worse it is, so I try to remember to lube up before long runs, especially in hot weather. I will go vote for you now!

  5. I am actually pretty lucky and don't chafe! I sometimes will at a marathon though underneath my arms or if I wear my heart rate monitor!

    LOL one of my friends thought someone was handing out Gu at a race, and ate it...but it was vaseline for chafing...OOPS!

  6. I feel your pain! My go-to lube is Sportslick (bought it on Comes in a tube, and is SUPER heavy duty. When I remember to use it....I am perfectly fine. It's helped me a ton this winter.

  7. I don't chafe, but my legs are just close enough together that it throws off my gait. My 2 new pairs of running capris are great!

  8. Sometimes armpits, other times between the legs, or the bloody nipple syndrome if I don't bandage up before long runs.

  9. I chafe SO bad. My back in several spots and I actually have a scar on my chest/upper abs from the chaffing. :(
    Anything over 4 miles and I'm a big ol' chaffed up runner. I use BodyGlide every time I run, I wear good running bras but I still chafe every single time.
    The shower though...I have gotten use to the pain. How sad is that?

  10. Thanks for adding me on Daily Mile and commenting on my blog!! I love love love my Under Armour sports bra.. I've had it for over a year and it is just amazing. I will be investing though soon in this one from Moving Comfort that advertises no bouncing whatsoever. It's $60 well worth it! I also love compression shorts to wear under my regular shorts, and running tights when it's cold. Have fun in your training!!


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