Tuesday, March 8, 2011

GIVEAWAY: ABC's of Yoga for Kids!

If you've been following me for a while, you know I'm a big fan of combining yoga into my running schedule.  Yoga is relaxing, relieves stress in muscles (and mind!), and has been a great tool in my recovery from long runs.  While aiding muscle repair, yoga minimizes the soreness and tightness that comes with overworked muscles.  Read more on the benefits of yoga for runners HERE. Great article!

When mommy does something, my little chickies follow suit... Thus Kids Yoga was introduced into our house!  First my gym offered some kids classes that Big Girl attended.  Then the girls received this great children's book last Christmas.... The ABC's of Yoga for Kids by Teresa Anne Power.

The book was an instant hit with the girls.  Walking through the alphabet, kids are introduced to 55 different yoga poses.  Each pose is demonstrated with cute illustrations and a short and fun description in the form of a rhyming vignette.  In short, it's a fantastic interactive book for parents to read and play with their children.  And when mommy is busy, it is simple enough that my two and four year old can flip through the poses by themselves. (Note to mommies: huge entertainment to watch them do the poses!)

Why Yoga for Kids?
Taking the words directly from the author's mouth, yoga benefits children by...

  • developing discipline
  • helping in the performance of other sport activities
  • strengthening both fine and gross motor coordination
  • improving visual-motor and auditory processing
  • toning internal glands and organs
  • aiding cognitive functions of sequencing and memory
  • heightening body awareness and self-control
  • increasing both flexibility and strength.
Indeed, yoga nourishes the mind, body and spirit, and paves the way for a life-long tradition of health and fitness. Children of all ages and sizes and varying degrees of athletic abilities can practice yoga, a non-competitive form of exercise.

Sorry, the book giveaway is now over.


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  5. I love downward dog...its just an awesome stretch...and I have a love hate relationship with the first 45 minutes of P90X YogaX

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  9. What a great idea! I love the pictures of your kids doing yoga -- so cute!! Thank you for the great review of "The ABCs of Yoga for Kids".

  10. Well, it is very interesting post!! Yoga is a powerful ecumenical system for helping kids stay focused, centered and peaceful, which, in turns, helps them concentrate better, learn more and gain physical and mental health throughout their lives.

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