Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Beer Run!

U. N.  
Beer Run! 

Oh-yeah, it's Friday!  Sometimes I miss the younger years when Friday Happy Hours stretched into the wee hours of the morning.  Who doesn't crave a beer at the end of a work week?!  Lately Friday nights are all about a healthy meal and good night's sleep to power Saturday's long run.  However, I do still treat myself to cold one on Saturday night to celebrate a good week of training.

"Will Run for Beer"  When I saw this shirt, I had to get it!  It's fun - and definitely attention-getting.  The first time I wore it to the gym, I had to laugh because every muscle man that walked past was staring at my chest... reading the shirt of course!

Check out the One More Mile website for running apparel with hundreds of fun sayings.  This tank is made of Wick-lite Diamond Knit.  It's a combination of ring-spun and filament yarns that make it very soft and stretchy.  The appearance is high-tech and attractive.  I ordered two tanks and was delighted when they arrived all wrapped up like a present.  The tops are very comfortable and fit is excellent.  Length comes just past hips, but I'm also on the short side at 5'2".  Bonus - they pass the "underarm chafe test" too!  The great folks at One More Mile gave me a 15% discount code for my readers!  Just enter in RUC1326 when prompted.

At the end of a long week, do you ever celebrate with a cold one?!  What your drink of choice?  My favorite is MGD 64 beer, or Vodka & SF Red Bull.  Soooo bad, right?!


  1. LOVE it!! :) I really like One More Mile...I got a shirt that has my favorite John Bingham quote on it from them..."The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start" :)
    I am not a beer person really (although I do enjoy a shock top or blue moon)...Margarita's are my favorite and I recently discovered Lemon Drop Martini's...YUM!!

  2. love me some blueberry vodka and lemonade :) I might have to order the shirt " does this shirt make my butt look fast?" LOVE IT! they have some pretty funny shirts.

  3. I am not a beer drinker. I do like my wine cooler occassionaly. Love the shirt. I have not heard of One More Mile I will check out. THANKS

  4. I love One More Mile! I was very impressed by their packaging and sent them an email just to let them know. My favorite sayings are "Find your happy pace" and "Finishing=winning".

  5. Uggggg....I have to drink gluten free beer. I like Bard's the best of the GFs. Nothing beats the micro brews in the pacific north west, though. I miss them! They're worth running for. :)

  6. By the way, how do you like the fit of their tanks? I've heard they run really small. Is that true?

  7. YOu need to give me beer suggestions! My hubs LOVES trying new ones--favors the hef's but wil try anything! Have a great weekend Jess!

  8. Cute shirt! I love the "If you see me collapse, pause my garmin" shirt.

    I love beer...but when I go out with coworkers for happy hour, I like to get something fun like a cosmo. Actually, today I got all the ingredients for cosmos so I could make my own at home.

  9. oh yes :) after a lonnnng week like this last one i had myself, I tend to make a gin and tonic w/ roses lime juice! yummm! love your blog :)

  10. I could use a beer.

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I found One More Mile when I ran a 5k at Disney this past January. Their stuff is great! I can't wait to get something from them when I complete my 1/2 marathon this fall.


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