Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring makes me Misbehave

The Illinois Half-Marathon is 37 days away.  After seven weeks of diligent training according to the plan, I've been naughty this week.  No worries, I'm still running, but this gorgeous spring weather makes me want to run... not train, just run!

Monday was suppose to be rest (at the very most cross-train) after Sunday's race.  Instead... I ran 3 miles.  Seriously, it was 70 degrees at four o'clock.  You can't tempt me like that!  Tuesday I got caught up with my job responsibilities (see my wedding business HERE), and completely slacked on the run front.

This morning I woke up to a beautiful sunrise.  The air smelled so fresh from the overnight rain, and the sun was warm on the skin.  They are forecasting snow this weekend, so I knew this might be our last day in the 60's for awhile.  Yup, I skipped spinning class.  Little Girl and I packed up the stroller and headed to the park.
Me & Little Girl

When you take a two year old on a 6 mile run, there are a couple things you need to know...
1.  Pack snacks.  And don't forget her water bottle.
Even a 2yr old need mid-run fuel!

2.  Pick a safe route/trail that keeps the little one entertained.  Today we ran the Pekin trail... Started and ended with a couple loops around the lagoon.  She yelled at every duck and goose we passed, "Beep-beep, duckie!"  Then we hit the wide paved trail, where she waved to all the elderly walkers (retirement home near by).

3.  Explain the reward system before the run starts.  I park next to the big playground.  If she's a "good girl" during mommy's run, she gets to play afterward.  She understood that... and play we did for nearly an hour after the run.

4.  Get a good jogging stroller.  Pushing 70+ pounds for six miles is no easy task.  The trail is fairly flat, but there are a couple nice hills that I challenged myself with today.  Last year, I bought a new double jogging stroller (HERE), and have never regretted it.  The big wheels turn on a dime and almost roll by themselves.  The front wheel can easily lock or swivel depending on your surface and/or speed.  Most importantly, it gives me the freedom to get outside and enjoy the day without trying to lineup child care.  Plus, I love having the company along for the ride!

TOTAL:  6.1 miles in 62 minutes.  
That's a 10:09 pace with the stroller!  Holy crap, I'll take that! 

Do you ever run with a jogging stroller?
Today's 6 miles is the longest I've run with the stroller.  I'm so much stronger this year than last!  I enjoy stroller runs, but not every day.  However, the jogging stroller makes it possible for us to do family runs and/or get my runs in during the day so we can have family time at night.

Do you ever deviate from the training plan?  Do you feel guilty about it?
I used to freak out a bit when I deviated from the plan, but I've eased up as I've grown more confident with my running.  To me, the bottom line is to enjoy running - it's the only way to make it a lifestyle for me.

P.S. I wore a short-sleeve shirt today and NO UNDERARM CHAFING, thanks to 2Toms SportShield. Don't forget to enter my current giveaway to score yourself a free sample of it!


  1. I never did have a jogger when my kids were little. I have a heavy four-wheeler that I would attempt to push up hills. Didn't get very far. Good for you on the run!

  2. That's awesome! Sounds like a great day! Cole always requested carrots when I used to run with him when he was little. :)


  3. I have a jogger but I mostly walk with it, but this year I plan on getting in a lot of runs with it when the weather is warmer, it was snowing here today.


  4. I'm glad somebody has nice weather! Ours is nasty raw, windy crapola.
    That's a great time with stroller!
    I sold my BOB over a year ago now.... it was so bittersweet to see it go.

  5. Nice pace with a jog stroller. Never used one, no way I could've been a runner like you when I had a toddler. No way! Nice job!

  6. Ahh. I grew up in Pekin and I still love visiting the park. The weather has been gorgeous!

  7. Its two miles to the good park by my house, often I run there let her play and then run back.

    Since hubby has been running my long runs with me he pushes Evie in the BOB! Snacks, water and DVD are our keys to sucess. I am worried though this weekend is 10 miles and I hope she can handle being in there that long.

  8. Oh, and 37?!?! That's not very long at all!!! That means there are 37 days until the marathon!

  9. When Nolan was younger I used to run a little with the jogging stroller, only like a mile at a time, usually just around our block. I used it for walking a lot more. Nice job on 6!

  10. OH my gosh I'm so impressed with your stroller run!
    I remember this past summer I was running and this woman who was the tiniest thing ever came speeding by with a baby stroller. She was KICKING my ass! I hope to some day be like that!!!

  11. I have run with a jogging stroller, I don't anymore because my baby is almost 8. It's hard work!!!

  12. Sounds like an awesome day! I think it's fun to deviate from the schedule every once in awhile and just run!

  13. Here's my confession of the day - I looong for the day when I can buy a running stroller. I am all about wearing my baby, buuuuut there is something so hard core to me about running strollers.

  14. well, since I'm new at this and not "Training" I prob don't apply to this BUT I love using my jogging stoller but like you said, my four year old and one year old get HEAVY after a long jog! I'm not conditioned yet, just starting out so maybe it'll get easier. But we do have a pretty trail by our house and I change it up to keep the scenery different and exciting for the boys! GREAT POST and I think you deserve a day breaking away from training! GO FOR IT!


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