Saturday, March 5, 2011

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Miles

Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey make dating, love, relationships and even riding a motorcycle look easy.

Today they made 10 miles feel easy too.

Let me explain.  Last night I packed my bags, laid out outfits for me and the two little girls, even had breakfast prepped in the kitchen.  We were hitting the gym right away this morning for my 10 mile long run.  Hubby was working all weekend, so the gym was really the only option for me to make this run happen.  Right?!  Wrong.  Big Girl woke up with a slight fever, and shortly after breakfast, I was cleaning up breakfast on the bathroom floor.  The gym was out.  I quickly realized now the only way 10 miles was going to happen was on the basement treadmill.  Oh, say it ain't so...

How to pass the time for that long on a treadmill?  I remembered other runners mention movies, so I grabbed my favorite "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" and we headed downstairs.  It was the perfect pick since I knew all the words without actually listening to it.  Watch movie.  Listen to music.  Perfect combination.  And in a flash, 10 miles were done, and Andy got her guy...
TOTAL:  10 miles in 1 hr, 43 min.  10:18 pace.

1. The "love fern" died before I did.  Did you know there is actually a group on Facebook called You Killed Our Love Fern devoted to this scene in the movie?  Seriously.
2. Matthew McConaughey is not the heart-throb he was when this movie came out in '03.  I used to be really infatuated with him.  Kate Hudson, however, still rocks.
3. I really need to get one of those clips that attach to your shirt.  The ipod wires literally stick to my skin when I sweat this much.
4. To quote Matthew in the movie, "Guys, a woman's purse, it's her secret source of power..."  Hmmm, maybe I should bring it with on a run?!
My girls waiting for mommy
to finish 10 miles.  Love them!
5. My children can be bribed, and I am not above it.  I packed up a goodie bag, promised my girlies treats every couple miles that mommy ran.  Mile 4, they got their lunch.  Mile 6 was peanut butter/cheddar crackers.  Mile 8 was fruit snacks.  And for good behavior with no fights, they got Princess suckers at the end.
6. Placing the sweat towel overtop the treadmill digits really does make the time tick faster.  Thanks bloggy friends for this tip!
7. Another two pounds lost this week.  Woo-Hoo!
8. I am capable of a negative split.  My first 5 miles clocked at 52:10, the second half was only 50:55.
9. My treadmill automatically shuts off when it reaches 100 minutes.  I never knew that, which means this is the longest I've ever ran on my treadmill in one workout.
10.  To quote a line from the movie... "And that is how it's done."  Week 5 of training complete.

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  1. Nice run! Great ideas for the girls. I usually make sure T Junior's in bed, but I'll keep these ideas in mind. :)

  2. Great job on the run and congrats on two pounds lost this week! Hope your little one is feeling much better now.

  3. Super duper great post. I totally agree with #2. And, you are so very resourceful. Great job on the negative split!

  4. Great run!!! Movies or a good TV show on Netflix help me get through my miles, I always cover the treadmill othewise I stare at the timer! :)

  5. I love that movie and LOL at the Facebook Group!!! :) AWESOME job on the run today!!!! Negative go girl!!! :)

  6. You totally rock! I often wonder if I would be able to make it beyond 6 miles ont he treadmill. That's my longest so far. 10 miles I would think feels like an eternity.
    I love love love that movie!!

  7. I love love love that movie!! 100 minutes on the mill is still very long! That was an awesome run.

  8. Great job! And I love the idea for your girls. Mine are older now but I do remember how difficult it was to get in runs on the treadmill in the basement and monitor them....I would just pop in movies for them which of course did not entertain me one bit. Like I mentioned earlier - 10 miles on the treadmill will make 10 miles outside seem like a piece of cake!

  9. Thank you for your awesome comments Jess--You make me feel so good!

    CONGRATS on your 10 miler--that is really a feat! And, I will have to try the towel trick--I'm too tempted to look down :/

    Let me know how the socks are!!!

  10. Good job getting your run in. I can't wait to get a treadmill so I have a fall-back plan, too. My little guy came down with a fever last night but luckily I was able to sneak out for a run. If Mr. F hadn't been home, I would have been stuck w/ exercise DVDs. Not the same!


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