Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hills or Wind?

Quite a few new followers this week... Yeah!  Welcome, I'm glad you're along for the run!

Week #6 of half-marathon training using the FIRST plan from the Run Less, Run Faster book is now complete.  And I just nailed 13 miles today in my long run!  Woo-Hoo!  As I ran today, I couldn't believe how much further along I am today than this point last year.  Last year I questioned if I could even finish 13 miles.  Today the question is how fast...

I'm stuck running solo most of the time, but this morning my friend D joined me at sunrise for a trail run. The poor thing has been stuck inside on the treadmill for the past five months!  Unfortunately, the weather did not make it easy... chilly 30's and winds up to 20mph.  So a little experiment today... What's worse?  HILLS or WIND?

The first part of the run is pretty downhill and usually very enjoyable... except today there was a strong headwind that required a good head tuck.  The latter portion of the run was tougher on the quads with hillwork, but I found it a welcome relief with the wind at my back.  And boy, did my splits show that!  The stats say it all... I'll take the hills.  and nice weather please.
After water, chocolate milk and hot coffee (thirsty?), I headed home to find my hubby doing dishes and laundry, with a high-five for my run.  As wonderful as it is to bond with girlfriends, it's incredible to come home to a supportive husband.

I'm off to foam roll those hard-worked muscles, and kick up my feet in these new recovery socks. Thanks Blonde Ponytail for recommendation and discount!

If you had the opportunity to choose, would it be Hills or the Wind?

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  1. Great run Jess. You are doing great on your training. I would probably pick hills the wind is awful. Great looking socks. Got the water bottle to day. I love it and have to say love that it is pink. Have a good weekend.

  2. Awesome run!
    Def. hills!
    I am wearing my recovery socks too! :)
    Cute pink ones!! I want to get a few more pairs!

  3. Awesome run Jess!!! Hmmm...I guess I would say hills?!? Although both SUCK!! LOL! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! :)

  4. I would probably choose the wind, just because I have more experience running in the wind. And you can always turn around and have it at your back. :)

    Those recovery socks look nifty! I should get me some of those.

    Oh, and what is foam rolling?

  5. Great run today!

    The wind is probably my most hated weather condition of all time, besides ice that makes running impossible. So I'd pick hills even though they kick my butt!

  6. I am amazed by you!!
    I think I would take hills! Today I was running hills with lots of was only fun when the wind was at my back and I was going downhill though. haha

  7. Great job! I would take hills any day over wind too. Hills make me feel tough... wind makes my eyes tear and just annoys me. :)

  8. Great work! That's fantastic! I am hoping to complete 13 miles for the first time too---in a few months, mind you. I am so inspired by everyone who has already done it! Again, nice job!

    By the way, I've never heard of recovery socks, but I'll have to check them out. Do you like them?



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