Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

This picture sums up my day.  

I woke up with shooting pain through the top of my left foot today.  I've been icing it and saying a lot of prayers.  I learned last fall not to push an injury, so I'm resting it today. Yesterday, I did spin class, an easy 3 mile run and a 45 minutes with the boxing bag... I honestly have no idea what I did.  Really bummed out right now.  

So instead of doing intervals today (o'darn!), I'm working on my race outfit for Sunday.  I will rest all week if I have to... I WILL run on Sunday!  

Need your help... I want a funny, yet run-slanted saying, on the back of my shirt for my St. Paddy's  8K in Chicago.  Vote below to let me know what saying you like best... or give me a new idea!  Thanks!


  1. Oh no! Heal up fast!!!
    Gosh your saying are all so cute!

  2. Oh Jess!!!! Bummer! I am sorry! I sure hope you don't need that ice tomorrow and that the mystery pain goes away as fast as it showed up. Hang in there and take it easy!!

    I love all of the sayings! :)

  3. Damn injuries. So glad you are resting today. I don't like that you woke up with the pain. Ice is good, hang in there!

  4. OMG Jess I'm so sorry to hear of your foot. Those darn injures. Hang in there and take it easy the next few days. Hopefully it will get better soon. I love the saying FEELIN LUCKY. You're going to have so much fun suday. My St. Paddy race is not till April 3. GO GREEN.

  5. UGH!!! I am so sorry about the foot!!! :( I am sending lots of fast healing vibes your way!!!


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