Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Leprechaun Family

It's fun to be Irish during the month of March. (I'm actually Polish, but when I married my husband and took the Irish surname, I now deem myself one of the Lucky!)   Only 18 more days until the Chicago St. Paddy's Run!  I'll be attempting my first ever 8K, which is almost 5 miles.  I'm really excited for it, but a little nervous... what kind of pace will I be able to hold?  It's certainly not a long run where you hold yourself back, but it's not "all out" like a 5K would be either.  Fortunately, the tempo runs with Run Less, Run Faster training have taught me that I'm capable of more than I thought... so I'm setting a goal somewhere around 45 minutes.

I've been slowly shopping to put together our race outfits.  Did I ever mention I'm one of those loonies who like to dress up in costume to run?!?!  This time I have four outfits to assemble... Hubby is doing the 5K, and both of the girls are running in the Leprechaun Leap Kids Dash.  O' the photos will be delightful!  Running has become a family event in our house... and I could not be happier!

TODAY'S WORKOUT:  45 minute Spinning class, followed by weight circuit, endless rope and a 1 mile cooldown run.  Still some congestion, but I'm feeling much better today!

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  1. You are nailing your cross training! I really haven't been do this. :( And, I think you will be well prepared for your 8k with your RLRF tempos!!

  2. You are staying on target. You're going to great on your first 8k. That is so awesome that your whole family is running with you. So jealous. I'm the only runner in this family. Thanks for being one of my followers and entering my giveaway.

  3. thanks for following my blog :) LOVE your blog! I swear I need to step up my running, but just can't seem to increase my pace, so I'm slacking on it! I know my hubby and I signed up for an upcoming 5K race, maybe that'll be the motivation I need, because I haven't run a 5K since before my second son was born over a year ago!!

  4. ok, I got caught reading your previous posts and love them! How was the kids k? I've wanted to do that with my four year old son who loves to run with us...did they LOVE it?! We have one coming up near us this months and I'd love to sign them up, let me know


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