Saturday, March 26, 2011


The past two weeks have been kinda messed up regarding the training plan... foot pain, Sunday race, busy at work, then sore hamstring, and now the sub-30 cold weather is back.

I feel pretty good about how I've been adjusting to it all and keeping myself in check.
No breakdowns (yet).
But come Monday... I'm calling a RESET.

I've been following the FIRST training plan, as laid out in the book Run Less, Run Faster.  The pace tables for key workouts (intervals, tempos and long runs) are all based off your last 5K race time.  It had been a while since I actually raced a 5K, so I just guessed a 28:00 when I created my training plan paces.

During my 8K race last weekend in Chicago, I timed the 5K split.  I'm overjoyed to have clocked a 27:00 flat for the 3.1 mile distance.  On the drive home, it got me thinking that I need to re-evaluate my training paces... and my goal time for the Illinois Half-Marathon.  Do I stick with my 2:05 goal?  or shoot for the sub-2?  You know where my heart is...

Yesterday I sat down and penciled up a new pace chart for my training runs, based on my new 5K time...

Seriously, you see those paces that start with an EIGHT!?!?!  O'dear... But come Monday, I'm fighting for that sub-2.  Even if I don't nail 1:59 on April 30, I'll know I give it my best shot.

FRIDAY'S RUN:  7.5 miles in 74 minutes for a 9:52 pace.  I was cautious during the first couple miles due to the sore hammy.  (Lesson learned... Hills + Stroller = overworked hamstring!)  But by mile 3, it was feeling good so I picked up the pace, so it turned out to be a Tempo Run.  I clocked my last mile at an 8:35!!  Afterward I iced down the hammy and today it feels good... so I'm hoping to tackle 15 miles tomorrow for my long run. 



  1. Way to go Jess keep challenging yourself. You can do it. Great run on friday. You've come along ways girl. YOU'RE ROCKIN.

  2. You've got it in you for sure! Go for it! Awesome 5K time!

  3. Congrats on reseting!! How fun to know you can increase your speed goals. April 30th PR or not, congrats to you for running Jess!!!

  4. Good luck on 15 tomorrow!! 9:09 is magic,baby. Sub 2:00, you can do it!

  5. Hope your long run was great today! Don't let the 8 minute paces make you nervous... you can TOTALLY do it. You are doing awesome! :)

  6. Holy Jesus, Mary, & Jerry, woman! You are such a rockstar!



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