Monday, March 21, 2011

Warm Spring Run + GIVEAWAY

First of all... check out my interview on Little Miss Runshine's blog today... click HERE to read.  I'm feeling kinda famous!  Ha, Ha!

It was sunny and 70's today in the Midwest!  Happy Spring!  Any runner in their right mind was outside today.  So despite planned rest after yesterday's race, I felt good and called a "Family Workout" this evening.  As soon as hubby got home from work, we were headed to the Illinois River Trail (paved path from East Peoria to Morton).  Hubby jogged alongside Big Girl on her pink Barbie bike.  And Little Girl relaxed in the jogging stroller while I pushed along for a quick 3 miles.  It's been awhile... I forgot how much work it is pushing that double stroller!

I tried out a new tech shirt tonight... with short sleeves (gasp!)  If you haven't heard yet, I never run in a short sleeve shirt.  It's either long sleeves or jacket if cold, or a sleeveless tank top.  Why?  Reasons of comfort usually - but also short sleeves tend to have extra fabric in the armpit and I always end the run with underarm chafe.  (Got chafing problems?  Me too... read more here)

Tonight, however, I applied 2Toms SportShield roll-on to my underarms before the run.  It rolled on smooth and clear, a wet gloss on the skin, but quickly dried with no odor.  2Toms describes it as a "thin invisible coating to the skin that eliminates or greatly minimizes the friction that causes blisters, chafing and irritation."  I dropped the short sleeves overtop the application and headed out the door... and never thought about it again.  And I ran chafe free!  Perhaps short-sleeve shirts can find a way back into my fitness wardrobe afterall...

And now the good news... you can give 2Toms a try too!  Enter the giveaway below to win this 2Toms Variety Pack of ButtShield plus 2 BlisterShield sample packs.

2Toms Variety Pack Giveaway

One entry for each.  Leave me a comment letting me know which ones you did.

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Products were supplied for review and giveaway by 2Toms.  I was in no way paid for my review.  It is 100% the opinion of Jess.  


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  3. I am a follower. I also do not like short sleeve shirts - they just sit funny - no chaffing becuase I don't wear them. I perfer a tank becuase I am like a steam engine when I run I get so hot!!! I often end up tying my coat around my waist and run in a tank. If I was super fit I would be that person in a sports bra and shorts - in alltypes of weather that is how hot I get! LOL. :)

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