Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday Tidbits

I kicked A$$!!  Seriously, I'm still on a high over the 7.5 mile workout.  It's been a couple weeks since I nailed a real interval session without an injury of some sort.  After a 2 mile warmup, I broke up the 10x400 into two sets.  Pure mental.  I didn't break in-between, but it really helped to count them out separately.  The first 5x400, I ran at a 8:00 pace (7.5mph).  Second set at 7:53 pace (7.6mph).  Wait... go back, reread that.  Yes, a 7:53 pace!!  I've never run anything in the 7's, not even a short interval!  Best of all, my legs felt so good afterward that I even did a bonus evening run!  I'm becoming a true believer in the Run Less, Run Faster training plan.

I forgot to wear a headband during intervals yesterday, and nearly wiped my forehead raw from all the sweat.  So I was delighted when my new order of Bondi Bands arrived today.  Check out the fun new styles I now own!  Don't forget to enter my Bondi Band giveaway, ending this Friday! 

I also scored some new winter fleece headbands at the dollar store yesterday... how diva-like are these?  And only $1 each!  I love winter clearance!

Are there races in your past that you have no idea what your time was?  Back in the day, I ran woggled along with no concern about time.  Fear not, you can still find out those race times (if you want to...).  I just found the website, a huge database of every chipped race time... even my fun 2 mile obstacle race on the beach.  Check it out!

I'm so excited to go see "My Run" tonight.  Nothing like a good kick of motivation mid-training.  Check out the movie trailer HERE.  Are you going?

Check out the new virtual race for Easter week... The Jelly Bean 5K/10K.  Run wherever you like, whenever you like... just report in your "official race time" and get entered to win some truly awesome prizes from our sponsors.


  1. Amazing times! Congrats!

    I too am going to see My Run tonight! I can't wait. Thanks for sharin the Jelly Bean 5k info!

  2. Way to go on your intervals, that is awesome. The jelly bean virtual race sounds like fun.

  3. Ok, darnit. I think I have to buy the book now. You and Kim are doing so awesome with it!

  4. Great times!!! With those times you should definitely be able to run the 1/2 in under 2 hours. Thanks for the cool link. I am going to see My run tonight too.

    Toni @

  5. way to go RLRF buddy! I am in love with the program...I completed a 10 mile tempo today @ MP--I know! 10 miles! what the heck!

  6. Amazing job on your interval workout!! I posted your race on my blog!

  7. That is awesome! Great times!


  8. Great intervals. Way to gut it out!


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