Thursday, April 21, 2011

3 Things Thurs

 1. Have you flipped through the new Runner's World Trail edition yet?  I devoured it the other night.  Yip, now I'm searching for a good trail race. This Rails to Trails Marathon in WI has me interested... their website doesn't do it justice, but online reviews scream its praises.  One thing is sure... a trail race is now in my sights for 2011.  Have you run a trail race yet?  I'm interested in your thoughts... how did it compare to road racing?
2.  I'm breaking in a new pair of shoes... Asics GEL-Kayano 17.  I just love how they feel on my feet.. BUTTA, PURE BUTTA!  I'm hoping to race them for Illinois Half in 9 days.  Do you think this is too early to race in new shoes?

3.  The weather stalking has begun.  Illinois Half in 9 days... which means today it popped up on's extended forecast.  The early forecast looks awesome!  Both races I've ran in 2011 have involved rain.  Something's gotta give, right?!

Happy Thursday!  Run Happy!


  1. eww those shoes look comfy! I guess I need to check out runner's world, since I am on a journey to being a "runner"!

  2. I loved that issue--such a nice surprise to get an extra issue!
    Trail races are amazing. The big difference is that it's hard to pace yourself. If you're used to checking your Garmin for mile times (like me) it's not easy to adjust to a see-what-happens atmosphere on the trail. BUt it's so much fun and the smaller races are really personal.

  3. I would give anything to have a 60 degree day!! One less thing you have to worry over!

    I have Asics as well and I love them, they're the best shoes going (I think), besides my Vibrams!

    I was just thinking about picking up that Trail magazine this weekend!

  4. I'm really dying to try trail running.

    I almost went with those Asics, and you're totally right... they are a NICE feeling shoe :D

  5. I have a pair of Asics Gel-Kayano 16 available if you want them. I wore them on a few runs and for strength-training, but they are in good condition and begging to be run in. They are size 8.5. Let me know if you're interested.

  6. the race was simply advertised as a 5K. No where…NO WHERE did it say 5K TRAIL RACE! LOL Yep, 3.1 miles of grueling up & down steep hills…mud, dirt, rocks…you name it…it was there! So, I was completely exhausted halfway into it. So, I began to walk/run…my strategy at that point was simply survival! So, I walked uphill, and ran downhill.

    That worked out okay, because I did not finish last (and that was my only goal for that race). I did learn a few things though…Lesson 1-explore the area where the race is going to be held if you are unfamiliar with it. Lesson 2-I must be in much better shape before my first INTENTIONAL trail race! lol

    So, my first 5K was a trail run…unplanned…but i did it.

  7. I did the Winter Wildlife Trail Run at Wildlife Prairie Park.. it was a week after the blizzard so we "ran", actually hiked, in 12 inches of snow. It was a 6K and some people actually finished in 32:00. I finished in 1:09. It was AWFUL from my perspective. But I'm sure regular trail running could be fun and challenging.

    I ran in Asics GT-2150 Trail Running shoes over the winter... very nice shoes!

    And tomorrow I go to Running Central to get fitted for a new pair of shoes. I bought some a week ago and they're just not working out. Should have gotten fitted in the first place. And no, I don't think it's too early to race in new shoes as long as they feel good!

  8. Love the Kayano's too. I think you'll be okay running the race in them, as long as you've given yourself enough time to break them in. It stinks to get shin splints and blisters! UGH!!
    Good Luck:)

  9. I have the exact same shoe. Love it! Good luck on the half! I'll be there on Friday for the 5K. :D

  10. I love trail running.
    Now trail running races. I've only done one so far. It was rainy, cold, muddy and yet fun. It's definitely harder than a pavement race because let's face it, it turns all the time and you never know what's next. You're running on a forest road, next thing you know you're uphill on singletrack.
    So paceing is defintely hard. And yet it's so much fun, you just go with the flow, listen to yourself, the landscape is pretty and you don't look up at a crazy hill in anticipation.
    Don't expect to do as well time wise as the same distance on pavement. But training on trail definitely improved my speed in regular races.


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