Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Future's so bright, I gotta wear shades

It's a gorgeous day in central Illinois today.  Sunny with temps in the mid-60's.  So as any runner in their right mind (with a race in FOUR days), I laced up the sneakers and headed out for some miles.
Are you checking out my new running skirt?
 ...or how about the new black running socks I won from Tall Mom on the Run?
Well, zoom in a bit closer...
Yeah... see those cool pink sunglasses?!  
Those, my friends, are the BEST pair of running glasses you will ever find.  

Now let me tell you, I'm rather nit-picky selective about my sunglasses.  I picked up a pair of these bad boys at my very first race expo (Illinois half-marathon).  I was clueless as to what I had just found.  Over the years, I've purchased a variety of brands/styles in activewear, shoes, socks, you name it.  It's really a game of luck until you find "the one" that works for you.  Well, I hit it out of the park with my very first pair of glasses... Ryders Eyewear is where it's at.

The glasses are extreme comfort on the run, so much that you forget they're on.  I wear them to shield bright winter snow, blinding summer sun, or sometimes just to protect my eyes on windy days.  The top bar of the frame sits right in front of your eyebrow, while the temple tips rests comfortably behind your ears.  The temple tips also have a rubber grip on the inside, so as you lean over or turn your head quickly, they don't fall off.  If you're a sweaty runner like me, you'll be happy to know that the glasses really only touch your head in two spots... behind your ears and the anti-slip nose piece.  The lenses are the perfect density to shade the sun, yet not darken your whole world.  Best of all, Ryders Eyewear offers a huge selection in styles and colors.  Check out Ryders Eyewear on the web, and give 'em some love on Facebook too!
The top three Ryders Eyewear styles recommended for runners are...
Tweaker SL – An aggressive angular model that gets top scores from runners.

Defcon – A lightweight, aggressive, full rimmed style with thin temple tips for comfort and great temple pads for superior grip.

Hex – a lightweight blade with high airflow designed for female athletes and made for speed.

·         Optically correct lenses reduce distortion and eye fatigue
·         Shatterproof and scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses protect your eyes from dirt, sticks, rocks and flying critters (bugs and rodents!)
·         Lenses meet UV400 standards ensuring 100% UVA, UVB & UVC Protection
·         Anti-slip nose pads and temples tips keep your sunglasses in place and stop them from bouncing or sliding down your nose
·         Made from lightweight and flexible TR90 material
·         Available in a multitude of frame colors

You totally want a pair of Ryders now, right?!
Here is your chance!  Ryders Eyewear is one of the sponsors of The Jelly Bean 5K/10K virtual race next week.  They have generously provide three pairs of sunglasses for three lucky runners!  So sign up for The Jelly Bean today!  For details and registration, click HERE.

How cool are those?!  Thanks Ryders Eyewear!


  1. Very cute!!! I can't wait to participate in your Virtual Race.

  2. cute gear! those shades are SUPER cute too :) hope you had a great run...can't wait for the jelly bean!

  3. I signed up for the Jelly Bean Race! My first virtual race - or rather RACE PERIOD!!! Can't wait!

  4. Cute glasses! I love sunglasses! I'm signed up, so maybe I'll get lucky.

  5. Ahhh I've been looking for a new pair of sunglasses to wear on runs! I'll have to check these out!
    Love the post title too!

  6. Those sunglass are so RAD. I want a pair of them. I cant wait to start the JELLY BEAN RACE. Runnig skirt is sweet.

  7. I've been looking for running glasses, I wonder if I should just buy some or wait to see if I win them in the Jelly Bean. Hmmmm!

  8. Alright alright you had me at hot pink. I'll sign up even though I'm running snail slow lately.
    Now tell us about that skirt!

  9. Very cute skirt! Looking forward to the virtual race. I've been really wanting a pair of running sunglasses! Great job getting such awesome sponsors.

    PS. Are you going to run the Peoria Half in August? Inaugural year...I'm thinking about it. Please advise. :)

  10. I am on the search for the perfect sunglasses! I won't be buying anything until we move and settle a bit, but these are on the top of my list! Thanks!


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