Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weekend of Ups and Downs

Just a reminder to all who signed up for The Jelly Bean, get your race times/photos in today before 12noon CST.  I have not been able to respond individually to everyone, but please know that I have thoroughly enjoyed your photos and neat messages.  So many runners set new PR's in this virtual race... so congratulations to you!!  I've done my best this weekend keeping up with all the emails and entering in your times, but I did notice this morning some data was deleted/missing... so if you have a moment, please check the spreadsheet HERE to make sure your data is correct.  It's already sorted by first name, so just scroll down to your name.  If something's not right, just post a comment here please.  Thank you to all for participating and making it a fun event!

On Saturday, my hubby raced in a 4mile trail race.  So I spent the morning with the kids cheering him on.  Sometimes it's nice to be a spectator, yes?!  Afterward, we did the kid-swap and I headed out for my long run.  It was rather disappointing, and I'm still trying to decipher why.  I did 8 miles that felt like 14.  By mile two, my quads were talking and my legs were just tired.  It's been a messed up training week since I took a couple days to recover from the Oshkosh Half and then raced a 5K.  But after much thought, here's  couple valuable lessons I learned...

• Take rest days seriously.  No matter how great you think you are, don't run 6 miles on the rest day.  And then expect your long run the next day to feel good.

• After a month of no chaffing problems, don't pick the first warm day to forget protective SportShield.  OMG, I got the worst chafe on both underarms!  It was the main reason I quit at 8 instead of the planned 10 miles. It's really hard to run without moving your arms...

• Friday night fish fry, followed by ice cream, is not proper nutrition the night before a long run.  I was up all night dealing with tummy reaction to the overload of grease and dairy.

These are all things I know... I was just very unfocused this week.

Forgetting about my crappy long run on Saturday, we had a wonderful Easter Sunday.
Do you even recognize me without the sweaty ponytail?

Followed by a joyous birthday party for Little Girl on Monday.
Look at me... I'm THREE!
Check out the cake I made for my daughter!

Now it's time to sharpen my focus on the task in 4 days...
 Illinois Half Marathon.
Bring it.


  1. How cute are you?!....and so talented!!!

    Sometimes I have crappy long runs and it throws me off my game with a race coming up. Don't let it...many times it results in a PR. You are right though....respect the rest day!

    You're going to do great!

  2. You made that cake. That is so sweet. I wish I could make cakes like that. I think we all have bad long runs. Just chalk it up as done and move on. Your next long run is going to be awesome. Plus you had a lot of stuff going on this weekend. Can I have some of your energy. Now you go ROCK that Illinois half this weekend.

  3. OMG your post is just filled with beauty! Gorgeous girls and wow what a cake! Awesome!

    Thanks again for the JB race!

  4. That cake does not look home made...at least not at my home.
    Go for it in Illinois!

  5. Yep - decided to skip my 5mile run in 2 days because after todays 8 mile run I think I just need to rest. I ran the virtual 5k on a rest day pushing my daughter in the jogger after running a real 5k the day before so I think I just need a few days off.

    LOVE the cake you made!!!! Holy talented!!

    Good luck in the half!!! You'll do great :)

  6. Your pics are lovely.

    Wish you well on your race this weekend.

  7. Happy Birthday to your little girl....great cake!! Good luck on your 1/2 this weekend I am running the Long Island 1/2 marathon on Sunday and hoping to come in under 2 hours....we will see!!

  8. Most of April's long runs for me, besides the 10 Mile race on April 3rd have sucked, but my 8 on Saturday was good again! I am running my 1/2 half on Saturday as well, it will be interesting since I've never run over 10 miles (the ones over that I had to scrap at 8 :-() Good luck to you!!

  9. Great cake, you are so talented.

    Thanks again for hosting the Jelly Bean race. Right after we finished, my daughter wanted to know when I was going to host my first virtual race. You've inspired her to run, which I love!

    Good luck in your half this weekend. I say, PRs for everyone!

  10. That cake is impressive!! :-)

    You will do great this weekend!!

  11. Sorry about the bum run but we all have those days. Your Easter pics are darling and great job with the cake!!! :)

  12. You have the best smile!

    What a fantastic cake too! You do it all huh? :)

  13. You have an adorable family! And I am in awe of the cake you made. Total awe!

  14. You have the most beautiful smile...sweaty or not :)

  15. Great cake! Thanks for all the fun with the Jelly Bean race as well! What a task to organize!

  16. What a great cake!!!!

    I bailed on the JB race. I had entirely too many life things going on to get in an actual run over the weekend and didn't make the distance I signed up for when I ran during the week. I am bummed! But I have loved seeing everyone's pics and results!

  17. I think my time got deleted, or maybe you didn't get my email?
    I finished my first 10K race at 59:33.
    Amy A
    amo72 at ymail dot com

  18. Let's hope these storms hold off until everybody finishes! You'll do great on Saturday!

  19. Chafed underarms are the pits! lol Really. I get it .

    Your family is lovely! Glad you had a nice Easter :)

    Thanks for the email... I didn't get my run done in time... did it last night instead. But thanks for being so nice :)

  20. Sweet pics of you and your family! HERE WE GO!! FOUR DAYS!

  21. You have such a beautiful family!!
    Your cake is so cute!!!

    Def. agree that rest days should be taken seriously!! It's hard to do mentally, but oh so important!

  22. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! What a fun birthday for her!
    Thanks again for organizing the Jelly Bean...so fun!

  23. I feel for you on crappy runs. I had one last Friday - it was just a 3 miler and I felt crappy at mile 2! We have good and bad runs, and when we have bad runs you know the next one's gotta be better! You will rock on your half this weekend! Good luck!

    Lovely Easter family pic! You're so talented - love the cake too!

  24. Woohoo! Official times are back so my time was actually 55:07... not bad considering I was in costume and there were 20,000 runners. Looks like you had an awesome Easter Sunday and Monday! Good luck at the IL Half!

  25. Awesome cake! My son's birthday was Monday, so we have a ton of Cars cake leftover. I opted to purchase the cake though. :)

  26. Awww... I love the picture of you and your family! Also, I can't believe you made that cake! It looks awesome... and yummy!

  27. Oh, I also posted a jelly bean race recap: http://rtahc.blogspot.com/2011/04/jelly-bean-virtual-race.html

  28. good job on the cake!
    Can I be a total PITA and ask when the names for the jelly bean will be drawn? I get impatient like a 5 y/o, lol


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