Monday, April 18, 2011

It's Race Day!

Even if you're not one of the fast and fortunate in Boston, you can still race today!  Today is Day 1 of The Jelly Bean 5K/10K virtual race, and we already have some finishers.   And still time to sign up for newcomers!

Race bibs have been sent out via email.  However, I did have a couple that bounced back as invalid emails.  So if you didn't receive your bib yet, first check the LIST HERE to make sure you're signed up correctly.  Of course, you can always email me directly at too.

Having a hard time getting into 'Race Mood' on a Monday?
Nothing like a GU to get you going!
When I recruited sponsors for The Jelly Bean virtual race, I only contacted my favorite brands and products.  GU is one of those products that I just can't imagine racing without a stash in my pocket.  I'm a regular user of the GU energy gels.  My favorite flavors are tri-berry and strawberry-banana.  The gels are simple to take, easy to digest, and provide the perfect boost of energy in a slick 100 calorie pack.  GU advises to take 15 minutes before a race and then every 45 minutes during the run.  Every 5 miles has proven to be the right timing for me.

GU introduced an ultra endurance energy gel called GU Roctane.  Similar packaging to the original GU, but almost four times the amino acids and a bigger caffeine boost.  I've tried out the Vanilla Orange and Cherry Lime so far.  I was delighted with the taste of both, however the jury is still out on Roctane.  The first use, my tummy did not handle the extra boost very well.  I rarely have the GI issues that other runners do, so this was odd for me.  The second time, I had one of my best training runs and the boost was evident to me during the run.  Third time's the charm, right?

Don't like the feel of the gel going down your throat?  That seems to be the biggest thing I hear from new runners... Give GU Chomps a chance.  The energy chews provide the same performance benefits as the gels, but provide runners a change of pace from the slimmy gels.  

All GU energy products contain:
• AMINO ACIDS - to give you added focus, rippin' energy and speedy recovery.
• VITAMIN C + E - the mightly antioxidants that combat tissue breakdown.
• SODIUM & POTASSIUM - restore your electrolyte balance.
• CARBS - an exclusive blend of complex and simple carbs as your energy source

GU is one of the sponsors of The Jelly Bean 5K/10K virtual race this week.  Two lucky Jelly Bean runners will win sample packs with both GU Chomps and the Roctane gel (pictured below).  So sign up for The Jelly Bean today!  For details and registration, click HERE.


  1. I love the Gu gels, I haven't tried to the Gu chomps, I'm not real keen on chewing while I'm running lol

  2. Love me some Gu chomps! Can't wait to run my 10k for the JB!

  3. I can't wait to run my 10K.


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