Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wake Up!!

No joking around.
I got up at 4:30 am this morning for a quick 5K before my hubby was off to work.
The forecast predicted a nice day and it was my only chance to get in a run (without the stroller).
I forgot how peaceful those early runs are.  Dark and quiet.  Little to none traffic.
Only the passing shadow every time I pass a yard light.
It also means I get an afternoon nap!

The run was just for fun.  A couple hours later, I got a killer workout in Spinning class. I've been slacking on my cross-training lately, so if felt good to get a good burn without pounding pavement.

It's official.
This morning, I registered for the Oshkosh Half-Marathon... in 10 days!!

Do you ever do pre-dawn runs in the dark?
I did a lot last summer while training for my fall half-marathon. I have a tough time running in the hot humidity, so mornings worked the best for me.  But it's hard getting my butt out of bed that early!  Although the incentive to run fast is built-in... I have to be back in time for hubs to work.  I'm always pushing distance (just a little bit further...), making the run back a race against the clock!


  1. I do LOTS of runs in crazy early morning since I like to get my runs done before kids need me. :)

    How fun you signed up for a half in 10 days! I am running on the 16th too. Good luck!

  2. The two 20-milers my running partner and I did started at 5:30 in the morning and lasted till after 9.. it was so great to see the sunrise and be up early with no traffic. So peaceful. :)

  3. Thanks for my comments! Great job on your workouts today too. I used to go to a spin class, too and LOVED it! I have also been lacking in my cross-training/strengthening workouts... so hard to stray away from running!

    I have NEVER done an early run. My sleeping schedule won't allow me :) Maybe one day I will be as disciplined as you!

  4. I run before sunrise at least 2 days a week. Love it!

  5. I love morning workouts but not in the dark. I am a big chicken and won't run in the dark. I can't wait for that 1.5 months where it is light out at 5AM.

  6. Hard to beat watching the sunrise while you're knocking out the miles. Early morning let me run on the cart paths at a nearby golf course before the golfers arrive. Nothing like the sunrise over a pond with the early-morning fog burning off. Good stuff.

  7. I am a morning person so while it would be easy for me to get up & out for an early morning run I'm too nervous about running in the dark. I prefer to wait until 7:00 am , it's not dark but still quiet :)

    Good luck with your half!

  8. Yup, I love running in the morning! :) And YAY for a Half Marathon in 10 days!!! Woo-hoo!!

  9. that's my normal running time but only on the treadmill. It's still to dark to do outside runs though.

  10. I enjoy the sunrise, but not the running at that hour. It takes me a long time to wake up. When I do manage to get out for an early run I tend to run most of it in a half-zombie state and not really notice what's going on around me. Most of the time I'd just rather stay up late and do my run at midnight. Either way it's going to be dark, so why not when I'm comfortable?

  11. Yeah! A half - the perfect distance :)
    I have to get up early too. Tomorrow I have to get a 7-miler in before I get to work for my 8am conference call. That means being out the door by 5:45 at the latest! Head lamp will be needed!

  12. Cute cartoon! Thanks for sharing! :)

  13. Super impressed on getting up that early! I am so not an early bird, my body just fights against me lol Plus I'm not a huge fan of running in the dark, it makes me super nervous therefore my run is super intense and that's not good for the muscles lol

  14. I've done a lot of morning runs in order to avoid the mid-day heat of the summer, but not before dawn! That takes some dedication for sure!


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