Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Safety First

As the days start warming up in the Midwest, my run times get earlier and earlier in the day.  I'll do anything to run outside rather than the gym or treadmill.  So I struggle with the early morning alarm, but once I'm up, it's all good.  Many of my early morning runs are in the dark this time of year.  (I have to be back before 6am so hubby can go to work.)   

Is it scary?  Not really, I stick to routes I know well.  
Does it make me nervous?  Yeah, sometimes.  
Do my hubby and mother worry about me?  Absolutely.

So I'm happy to have found a new running partner for my early mornings... Firefly Supernova from Road ID!  While I always wear bright colors or something reflective, but this little guy blinks a red light for cars to see from a greater distance.  The versatility is great.  You can attach it wherever you like... on the wrist or ankle with the velcro strap, or your waistband or clothing with a removable clip. Plus it comes in four different light colors for you to choose.

 As we all migrate outside with the spring weather, 
here's my TOP TEN on SAFETY...

1.  Always run against the flow of traffic.

2.  Leave the headphones at home, or at the minimum, keep the music down low so you can hear what's going on around you.

3.  Be visible if you run at night.  Hello, Firefly Supernova?!  Reflective clothing please.

4.  Run with friends.  I know this is difficult for some, myself included.  Finding friends that have the same time schedule and pace you do is just hard!

5.  Don't challenge vehicles.  Don't try to scoot across to beat a car... Just let the car turn or go first. (They're faster.) Be especially aware of those turning right - they are usually looking the other way.  A high schooler almost got me yesterday in the exact same situation!

6.  Run in populated areas that you are familiar with.  I'm so guilt of heading out to my favorite trails alone.  This is particularly important in winter when there are few others out there. 

7.  Carry defense.  This is especially true if you break rule #6.  Invest in a small pepper spray or some sort of noisemaker.

8.  Trust your intuition.  If you get that unsure feeling around something or someone, avoid it... fast.  Never doubt your inner gut feeling.  Someday it could save your life.

9.  Don't wear jewelry.  Seriously... slip off the ring before you head out on a trail.  It just gives some creep one more reason to attack you.

10.  Wear identification... or at least write your name, phone number and blood type on the inside of your running shoe.  Prepare for the unexpected.
I finally got #10 checked off, thanks to Road ID!  Check out my new running ID, in yellow of course!  On the tag is my full name and birth year, home city and state, emergency contact name/numbers, and any known allergies.  As a kicker, I added a motivational saying for the runner inside me... "Let Your Sole Shine"

At Road ID, you'll find an assortment of ID options - wrist, ankle, and shoe tags, even a necklace option.  Should you ever "need" it, it just could save your life.  It's one of those things you hope you never use.  Check out Road ID's website, like them on Facebook, and go ahead Tweet with them too!

Want a Road ID custom made for you?
Here is your chance!  Road ID is one of the sponsors of The Jelly Bean 5K/10K virtual race next week.  One lucky runner will win a custom-made Road ID.  So sign up for The Jelly Bean today!  For details and registration, click HERE.


  1. I used to run ONLY against traffic.. one word of caution. I created a functional leg discreptancy by doing this due to the slant in the road.

  2. Thankfully we have lots of sidewalks around where I live - it makes me feel a little safer against the cars. Not much but a little.

  3. Great safety tips. I have seen a lot of talk lately about the firefly. It looks neat.

  4. Thanks for all the advice. I am definitely planning on getting a Road ID in the near future. :)

  5. I do most of my running early in the morning. I think sometimes people drivig the cars are half a sleep. I wear a headlight on my forehead and a reflective vest. I dont know how much more I can be lite up. I'm venting because even tho I had all that one tuesday morning this cars did not see me. What the hell. Those are all go safety tips. I hate the dark. So running in the dark is very uncomfortable to me.I am always carrying, my pepper spray that is. Thanks Jess for all the good safety tips. Especially this time of year when we are all out trucking some miles

  6. Great tips Jess, especially the one about cars turning right, even in broad daylight I have had afew near misses with these drivers!!

  7. Thanks for the tips! I live in Texas so morning runs in the dark are going to be a necessity before I know it. I want to do everything I can to keep myself safe.

  8. I really need to update my RoadID. And start to wear it. Blarg.

    This is excellent advice. Thank you for posting it.

  9. You are doing great.
    I also run at 4:30 once it starts to warm up here. (Which officially has started.) We live in between real suburbs and real country, but it is scary sometimes.
    My husband only allows me to do the neighborhood so it gets pretty boring, but it gets done.
    I definitely need to get the ID thing.

    My mom always asks, "Why can't you exercise at the gym like normal people!?" Poor Mom.

  10. Great advice! Another 4:30-5 am runner and I really need to work on some of these.

  11. Great post! I have a Road ID bracelet but would love to get one of those blinking lights. Do you wear your Firefly light on your wrist and do you have just one? I also need to get a pepper spray. Where did you get yours and do you just carry it in your pocket?

  12. Great post lady! It's always great to remind people of safety! You are such an awesome blogger! I love your race idea and all the sponsors you have!!! :)

  13. Great safety tips. I usually look like a blinking Christmas tree.


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