Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Jelly Bean Report... WINNERS!!

All because of my addiction to these...

I got a whole boatload of people to run during Easter week.
Not just run, but RACE their bunny tails off!  

With exactly 199 registered for The Jelly Bean, over 78% finished the race.  I sure hope you splurged on some jelly beans to celebrate!  I know I did.  Thank you so much for playing along with my fun and running the virtual Jelly Bean 5k/10k with me!

I love to have fun, and that's what this virtual race was all about.   It was hard to pick just one winner with so many cute pictures sent my way.  These three are deserving of an Honorable Mention...
Skinny Mary-Michael



and the winner of a "Run with Jess" prize pack for the BEST COSTUME is...

Katie Stemp, with her mom and sister, put some fun thought into their costumes.  They dressed in yellow to be matching PEEPS... (from left-right)  Peeping Tom, Peep Show, and Little Bo Peep.  I love good creativity!  Nice work ladies!

Your pictures inspired more fun honorable mentions
(no prizes, but a mention on my blog is prize enough, right?!)

Have no doubt about it, a lot of sweat went down last week,  but Toni takes the cake!

Coming back from surgery, Beth Ann ventured out in the white stuff to run the Jelly Bean!

Kesha ran along the beautiful Hudson River in NY/NJ.  This photo is AWEsome!

This photo of Rachel belongs in a magazine, don't you think?

Katey shows her muscles!

Kim rocks her finishing pose!

I think Melissa is having fun on her run!  I love it!

Cassie got her local running group to join her in The Jelly Bean race.
The Towpath Turtles in Ohio made the JB into a fun group event.  Photo submitted by their coach Sheila.
A group from the Illinois Air Force Guard sport bunny ears for their JB run. 

I love to see running involve the whole family!
This little guy was our youngest runner, finishing his 5K is 31 minutes!

Kim and her daughter enjoy the run together.

Pam even made her daughter a Jelly Bean race bib to wear for the ride!

With 155 finishers + 92 bonus entries for photo submissions, there were 247 names in the Jelly Bean prize raffle.  Congratulations to the winners (randomly chosen by  Winners, please e-mail me at with your shipping address. 

Heather Bean
Amy Long
Carson Cook

Sara T.
Missy Pruitt

Clare Early

Katey K.
Pam Miller

Jessica Hill

Michelle S.
Jess A. (Blonde Ponytail)
Michael Weatherly

Richelle M.

Kim Reed

Cindy Gabriel


  1. Great job on the race Jess!!! Thanks for the shout out!!

  2. Thanks for sharing all the great pictures! Of course I may be partial to one runner, congrats to all!

  3. Great photos, I loved this race!
    Congrats to all the winners!

  4. Awesome pictures! Thank you so much for hosting!!!

  5. Excellent Jess!! Great costumes and involvement by readers!! And, I get some GU! Will it help me knock out this cold?!! ;)

  6. Dee aka Little Bo PeepApril 28, 2011 at 4:07 PM

    Thanks for organizing the race and enjoying our costumes! Had loads of fun!

  7. Thanks for being one of the best race directors around. What a success!

    So excited to get the Run Like a Girl book and share it with my daughter. Thank you.

  8. I love all the fun pics! Thanks so much for the race!

  9. Love the pictures! Thank you so much for putting on this awesome race!

  10. Fun pics, thanks for sharing this with us.

  11. OH MY WORD!!!! I absolutely love all these photos!!! Congrats to all of the winners...this was so much fun to do!!!

  12. YAY!! So honored to be a winner!! Thanks again for putting the event together. We had SO much fun and can't wait to do it next year :)

  13. Congrats to the winners! Thanks for hosting such a fun race!

  14. great job again! thanks so much for organizing!!

  15. Yay! I won something! So fun, definitely let's do it again!

  16. Love all the pics. What a fun race! Thanks again for organizing. Yeah - I won something to! Wahoo!

  17. The pic of the guys with the ears on was pretty good !! :)

  18. Love the photos!!! Thanks again for putting this together! I had fun! Hope there will be a 2nd annual Jelly Bean race!

  19. THANK YOU SO MUCH for hosting this fun race and also for posting those great photos. I bet there were many more great ones. It makes me all mushy to see runners across the country coming together for stuff like this. I love it. You rock lady! I hope someday I get to run with you :)

  20. this was such a fun race and LOVE all of the photos! Can't wait to participate in another virtual race!!! Thanks for hosting :)

  21. Thanks for hosting the race. It was fun.

  22. VERY FUN!! Thanks so much for hosting!!

  23. good job every1 and congrats to the winners (while i secretly pout over not winning, but that's ok)
    Beth Ann and I have horrible weather, no doubt about it... she is an awesome runner and an even more awesome person.

    Anyways, congrats again to the winners!

  24. Love the pictures!!!
    Again, this was a great race!! I am excited for organizing a virtual race someday!

    Congrats winners!!!

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  26. What a great idea! Thank you so much for getting me out there! It was my first race since my surgery! 4 months to be exact!

    I can't wait for the next one!
    Great job to all the winners! I love the pictures!

  27. Congratulations to all the winners! It was so much fun. Thanks for hosting it!

  28. this was so cool to read! Almost (not quite though!) made me wish I had taken a full pic! But what the wind did to my face...!!

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    Really very interesting with this activity. cream


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