Thursday, April 7, 2011

3 Things Thursday


Run with Jess has an official bumper sticker!  I love pasting stickers all over my running notebook/journal, so I was pretty excited when Megan from Build A Sign offered me the opportunity to design my own bumper sticker.  The process was super easy on their website.  I had it done in literally minutes.  Go take a look at their website and make your own bumper sticker today!

Want one of my "Fast Girls Have Good Times" bumper sticker??  Email me at  with one piece of advice for my upcoming Half-Marathon on 4/16 and your address too!  I'll send a bumper sticker out to the first 10 responses.  Thanks!

Have you signed up yet for The Jelly Bean virtual race?  It's free to enter and a fun way to celebrate Easter in your running shoes.  I'll be highlighting each of our sponsors next week and the COOL PRIZES that they are throwing our way!  Over 70 runners are in so far.  Sign up HERE.

Is it coincidence that I signed up for a Half yesterday morning (in 9 days), and by evening, I had a full-fledged head cold?  Seriously... This is my third half, and for all three now, I've come down with a head cold in the week leading up to the race.  Really?!  WTH?!  So I'm OD'ing on Zicam and Emergen-C today... anything to get this under control before race day!


  1. I am SO signing up for the JB 5k!! Love the logo! LOVE LOVE LOVE the bumper sticker and BuildASign does fantastic work!

    And do you mind changing my blog address in your reader/blog roll.. I moved from Blogger to Wordpress due to issues with my blog not updating.. thank you!! :)

  2. Oh super fun! I will definitely check out her website! I'm also thinking of checking out the Jelly Bean 5k

  3. I'm in for the jelly bean and just emailed you! I love the sticker! Load up on the Emergen-C!!! Mind over matter too....think healthy thoughts!

  4. Don't worry about the head cold. We all know the rule - above the neck and you're good to go, below the neck just say "no." As long as it's a head cold, you're A-okay to race.

  5. cute new bumper sticker!

    I hope the head cold passes fast!

  6. I love your blog, Jess. I need inspiration and this is a great place to get it!

  7. I just signed up for your virtual race. Fun! And I love jelly beans. They are my kryptonite - I mean FAVORITE. You know what's sad? I didn't have to look up how to spell kryptonite. I just checked and I got it right. So nerdy.

  8. I am in in for the Jelly Bean race. Love your bumper sticker. Hey I just noticed you favicon that is pretty cool to.

  9. Congrats on the new sticker! Very cool. Hope you feel better by race day. You will - you still have time!

  10. I like the bumper sticker! Too bad the back of my car has enough!

    Do you take vitamins? I get sick only about twice a year now since I started taking a multivitamin in the mornings.

  11. I love your bumper sticker! So cute!!!

  12. Ack! I hope you feel better in time for your race!

  13. Ack! Am I too late for a sticker :( I would love one!!!!

    Getting stoked for the Jelly Bean virtual--I'm eating lots of j-beans in advance, wait no.

    Yay your half is next weekend!! Training=preparation=race day performance. I have been followig your training Jess! You got this!

  14. awwww I must be too late for the sticker??! BUMMER...its super cute :)

    Yep, signed up for the jelly bean and posted on my blog!

    Yay for your half...hope you feel better soon! Ahh I so wanna get the courage to sign up for a half...but the thought makes me sick to my tummy!


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