Monday, April 4, 2011

Blow Me Away

I didn't write much over the weekend.  Why?  Cause it SUCKED WIND!!  No, seriously, we're having some serious spring wind in central Illinois.  It's been 25-30mph winds for the third straight day and it's really starting to get on my nerves.  Two weeks out from my half-marathon, I need my runs to be confidence boosters... blow me away, but not literally!

Without going into all the depressing details and sob story, Saturday and Sunday were frustrating days for me.  The need for a strong long run burned inside me, but it never happened.  I was crabby, stressed out and busy.  (Have I mentioned I still haven't even done our taxes yet?!?)
I felt trapped all weekend.

I just wanted to scream!!

Now it's Monday.  Never thought I'd say it, but thank goodness that weekend is over!  After preschool dropoff, Little Girl and I hit the gym.  I had a small window of run-time before pickups, so I decided to push my pace a bit.
8 miles in 74 minutes
9:16 avg pace
I held my pace below 9:30 pace for the entire dreadmill run.  It felt pretty good for that distance, and was just the kind of confidence run I needed.  Oshkosh Half-Marathon is in 12 days, and I'm starting to feel the anxious nerves kick in.  The rest of this week, I plan to teach my legs "comfort" at the low-9 paces.  And I still haven't figured out my race outfit or playlist yet... important stuff!

Anyone race this weekend?

Have you signed up for the virtual Jelly Bean race yet?


  1. Hi! I'm new to your blog. :) The wind is killer in Texas lately, too. I mentioned it in my blog today, too. I also opted for the dreadmill. I read that you're going to do the full marathon in St. Louis. I'm considering the 1/2 there. It'll be 2 days after my birthday!

  2. I just signed up for the Jelly Bean 5K!! wooohooo, I'm excited...this will be my very first virtual race!

  3. Ugh, I feel your pain. We got over a foot of snow on Saturday. I tried to run, but the combination of tons of unshovelled snow (no visible path) and cold, wet snow blowing into my eyes made it impossible. I gave up at 2.5k. Tried again yesterday. Still lots of snow on the ground so it felt like running through sand minus the gorgeous oceanview, but I managed to push my way through a hard-fought 17k. Hope it dies down soon for you!

  4. I ran my first half this weekend. Blog post to be up soon with official results!
    Going to check out the jelly bean!

  5. I live up north of you and the wind sucked during my 5k yesterday. Mother nature can suck it right now!

  6. Great run today Jess!! I feel your pain the wind nearly belw me away yesterday during my run and today was not so great either!! Rain for the rest of the week so I guess I'll be hitting the treadmill too.
    Toni @ runninglovingliving

  7. Sorry about your stressful weekend and not being able to get in a long run. I've been there before. But it sounds like you totally put that behind you and rocked your run today! GREAT pace!!

    I agree race outfit and playlist are very important! The right outfit can make me feel confident and speedy and the right playlist can make all the difference in a run.

  8. Great pace lady! I hate the dreadmill! I may have to use it tomorrow if is pouring out still!

    OF COURSE I signed up for your jelly bean race!!! :)

  9. I hate when I have to miss a run. At least you fit in a good distance run today!

  10. I run the Shamrock Shuffle 8K in downtown Chi-town on Sunday!!

  11. I'm signed up! I signed up for the 10k. I imagine that I will have to walk some of this 10k, as my last one was just too hard (even though there was sand and tree roots that I didn't expect).

  12. Yay for Peoria! We have to go down and do that Lincoln Half one of these years. yeah IL weather sucks lately. At least no April snow so far!

  13. Thank you for the 2Toms!! I received it yesterday and needed it over the weekend! I avoided the wind too by hitting the TM, but had some major chafe as I forgot what sweat does to thighs!

    Great run holdin your pace below 930! Awesome Jess! Way to bounce back!

  14. Wind has been crazy near me as well, no fun at all for running!
    Nice job keeping the pace where you want it, you'll kick some serious butt in the half in 12 days!

  15. Nerves are totally normal. I used to get so nervous before races. Then it turned into excitement. I get all these butterflies in my stomach and my body just can't wait to let loose; I've grown to LOVE that feeling.

    You'll do great!


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