Thursday, April 14, 2011

3 Things Thursday: Race Edition!

Race week is so hard to reign in the excitement.  I want to run everyday just to prove my abilities to myself.  Plus I stress hard getting everything ready for the trip.  This week has been slightly different... On Sunday, my parents took my kids back to Wisconsin for a fun week at Grandma's.  Needless to say, it's been really quiet, relaxing and stress-free this week.  I've done some leisure reading, caught up on the work front, pampered by feet with a pedicure, shopped the local running store, and most important... reread my training notes and inspiration pages in my running journal.  We spend 10+ weeks training our bodies for a race... so the last week is all mental for me.  I think about my mantras and jack myself up that "I've got this!"  Do you have a favorite running mantra that you repeat during a race?  I'd love to hear it!

Not the most ideal race forecast!
The Oshkosh Half-Marathon is upon me, and I've got the race dance going on!  So much to do before we leave this afternoon, and yet I keep pacing around not really getting anything done (and now I'm online wasting time the best way I know how...).  My first race I was nervous, now I just get excited and anxious!  I still haven't figured out my race outfit or playlist... WTH!?  Forecast is not pretty for Wisconsin... rain and very windy.  Original forecast called for snow in the low 30's, so it is getting better!  On the positive side, an old friend (training for his 2nd Ironman!) offered to pace me to a sub-2!  And meet-up plans are in place with family and friends.  So the important stuff is done...

Not sure if I'll get back online before the weekend, so here's my Race Salute to those who are toeing the start line this weekend!!  You've trained for this... now go kick some asphalt! 

Liz @ Mommy to Marathon - running her first 5K
TMB @ Racing with Babes - bringing her 'A' game to her Half
Jen @ Adventures of a Badgergirl - running the Oshkosh Half too
Jen @ runner... maybe - her first 10K race
SupermomE12 @ See Mom Run Far - Salt Lake City Marathon
Amanda - La Jolla Half-Marathon in San Diego
My friend Dani & her son Carson - running the Oshkosh 5K together
and my hubby is running his first 5K without the jogging stroller! Love him!

and those "living the dream" running the Boston Marathon on Monday...
Laura @ LunaChickRuns

 If I missed you, please comment here and I'll add you in!
Got a race coming up? Comment and let me know so I don't miss you in future Friday Salutes!


  1. I get the same way!!! I get so worked up and it is so mental. I say a lot of things during the race....You've got this.....Time to go to work....Run your race....You are strong! I can't wait to read all about it! You're going to do great!!!

  2. So excited for you!!!
    I'm hoping for good weather on Saturday for you too. I've used different mantras, sometimes even more than one in a race! Whatever I need that very minute. Sometimes its "nine minute mile, nine minute mile" or something mundane, othertimes it has been something more inspiring to get me to the end.
    You'll be great!!!!

  3. Good Luck on your sub 2!! You got it!!
    Sunday I also have a half. Im doing the La Jolla Half Marathon in san diego. Race weathers look good. Its my second so Im just hoping to improve my time and get under 2:10. But this course throws some killer hills at us.

  4. Awwwww! Thanks for the salute. Love it!
    GOOD LUCK this weekend and have so much fun!! You will rock it! :)

    And i got my sticker yesterday. THANKS! It is awesome and I totally love it. Thanks Jess!

  5. 9:09s--you can do it! Good luck this weekend, can't wait to hear all about it.

  6. ya ummm, I think you know mine but....

    "I've. freaking. got. this!!"

    love it!

  7. Have a great run. I got all excited about my race just reading your post! Glad I found your blog. I am running my third 5k ever the 23rd! I have lost 57 pounds this year and love running now! Great job and thanks for the great blog. If you want to check mine out it is

  8. You are going to rock it!!! :D

  9. Thanks for the shout out! :-)

    GOOD LUCK this weekend! You are gonna rock it!!

  10. Best of luck to you!!

    Mantra - "Get Up!"
    I don't know why other than it is short and I am usually too out of breath to say anything more to myself.

  11. Good Luck Jess. You are going to do great.

  12. Good luck and thanks for the shout out! See you tomorrow!

  13. My mantra is: Control, Focus, Success.

  14. HOW EXCITING!!! I sooo hope I can say I've completed a half marathon one day SOON :)

  15. I go with beer at the end, beer at the end, beer at the end

  16. So you shuffle through your playlist or create one list for the entire time and just listen to it straight through?

  17. Aw thanks lady!!! :)
    Good luck to all you other runners in your races!!!

    Ah I think I always think "YOU CAN DO IT!!!" and... "why did I sign up to do this again?!" haha


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